What I'm wearing

Today I started on a trial of the Cozmo pump. So right now I’m ‘wearing’:

  1. Dexcom 7 STS CGMS
  2. Aging Minimed 512 insulin pump
  3. Cozmo 1800 insulin pump
  4. My mobile phone

What I need are some additional hips.

So far I like the Cozmo. I'm using it to see how I like the features (and there are a lot of them) and whether to keep it on my candidate list for a new pump.

My short list of possible pumps are:
  1. Animas 2020
  2. Cozmo 1800
  3. Minimed 522

The list is in alphabetical order, but the Minimed is also the one I'm least likely to take. One reason is because I already have some time and money invested in the Dexcom system (warning: I also own some shares in Dexcom at present) and I like how their second generation system is working for me.

Anyway, I plan to report on my regular blog about how this trial is working out for me.

This is SO cool. I read on your Twitter feed that you were wearing two pumps and I went like “WHAT?!!!” -then I realized you were test driving the Cozmo with saline water.

You should have a photo taken and/or a video: that would be a cool sight! I will Digg it the minute it goes live, man!