What in the world?

This is the area for those things that just are’nt right. For instance from yesterday to today my Dexcom sensor has been off. If I fingerstick 100 the Dex says 180, if Im 150 the Dex says 260! So, the PG expression is “what in the world?” Normally, I would just call it a Snafu.

Todays trend which is not my actual BGs but the CGMS going nuts.

I wouldn’t really call myself superstitious but since getting the Dex I never write 3 question marks in a row! I vote you change the title with 4 ??? or maybe just 2- ??


Ill shoot for two ?? in hopes of ending the snafus.

Honestly, it isnt me. Ive had some off numbers recently but the highest Ive gone is about 170 of which the Dex put me at 320. Maybe the Dex has gotten used to sub 150 levels and just gets wacked out above that? Who knows. I did a stop/start on the sensor per Kellys recommendation. Well see what happens. Could be its just a bad spot or sensor.

Since Danny put it up on the main page, I thought it needed to be a bit cleaner and went with the two question mark look. Cross your fingers for something!

“2035, whole world’s one big hive” The Red Curtain indeed!


Fubar trends, our own theme song, now all we need is a mascot!! <-- only 2 exclamation points there mind you. Would want to upset the Dexcom gods anymore than I already have… Damit! =^)

Thanks AR! Like the new AR-icon too.

Ok I have a question for everyone. It seems with my last few sensor restarts I will get the “3?” the day after I restart. I swear Dexcom has done some trickery so I can’t get 4 weeks from my sensors any longer.

Anyone else having issues with “3?” after a restart?

(oh and my BG was stable during the time period)

And I know I should probably post this in the Dex group but I value everyone’s opinion here.

I get that from time to time too, I just put the dex across from the sensor on my desk or something and it seems to come around after a while. Maybe 1-2 hours of down time. I try to keep a maximum of 1 foot in distance between the two.

The other thing is to be weary of leaving your sets in for too long. Scaring comes from the presents of a foreign object under the skin. Ricardo (of TAG fame) had a really good post about this and only leaving the dex sensors in for a few weeks at a time. I personally try for 3 weeks only and since implementing that policy havent had the appearance of any red dots post removal. That said, your super tight control I think helps as well with the scaring issue.

HI onesaint,
great pic. I don’t think it’s physically possible for one’s BG to actually track like that, especially the last peak, drop, rebound !

I had weird readings when there was static, but not that weird !

how old is your sensor ?

Hi Pat, I know, that last one being my favorite peak!

The sensor is about 3 days in, but I think Ive gotten it. Kelly mentioned stopping and starting it again to reset the first calibration, of which I did. So far about 3 hours in and things seems to be a lot better.

What a relief to know this isn’t real! Otherwise, I’d think you were dying or something! :slight_smile:

Well, thanks to Kelly’s advice I reset the Dex and things are getting back to normal. Lesson learn - I am massively addicted to the CGM. On the bright side, I think I found the tag line for the Flatliners. Read the card (I actually shot this for the parachute, then read the caption when rotating it on the computer).

Or as Alice said, “I can believe six impossible things before breakfast!”

I love this group and the alice references. Cracks me up.

Here’s the UK version - but every thing going down in my pic instead of up. Sensor ran for an hour or so then suddenly alarmed and dropped into its boots. Restarted sensor and it would run as you can see then drop again. As pic shows i got about 4 hours reading out of the whole 24 hours. Rest of time was spent needlesticking / recalibrating etc. Trouble is when I get days like this, I don’t trust the Nav so test my blood on my meter to check real reading, then “mulligan” on the nav to ensure I can trust the callibration reading. End up using loads of sticks, stabbing myself more than if I didn’t have the CGMS and getting grumpy with it (I think I said in a previous post my wife always knows when i don’t think the Nav is spot on as I apparently get grouchy!). Think sometimes bad sensor caused if you get a bit of blood around the sensor on insertion. Restarts and more calibration - CGMS can be a real pain! Wouldn’t be without it tho!
4414-sensordrop2.JPG (1.15 MB)

love it! glad life is back to diabetic normalcy :slight_smile:

wow, Ralph! It looks like you were on the flume ride of death yesterday! I’m glad it was just a bum sensor and not your actual readings :slight_smile: