What is a one touch ping?

I have just started with an animas 2020 it is my first pump and i LOVE it!!! I have just joined tudiabetes and I have heard a lot of people talking about one touch pings please explain to me what they are. Are they better than the 2020?

I just traded to the Ping from a Cozmo, so someone will have to correct me if I’m wrong.
But the Ping system has a remote control BG One Touch meter which communicates with the pump so you can bolus without pulling the pump out to press the buttons. The food data base is in the meter rather than in the pump, and if I am not mistaken (this is the part I’m not sure of), the Ping pump is a bit differently sized.
I’m surprised if you just got a new Animas, they didnt sell you the Ping system?
I have a member on one of the groups I run, who had to fight to get them to exchange her Ping for a 2020.
She didnt like the remote meter…

Thank you very much. I got my pump through the royal childrens hospital in brisbane (I’m from australia) and they are just starting a pump program so I am one of their first pump patients and there isn’t a wide range of pumps avalible. I was offered the medronic, the animas and the cozmo (recently become unavalible). But I am extremely happy with my animas.
thank you so much for your answer. From Hilary

I seems that the PING is not avalabule out sde the USA right now. I live in Canada and Animas Canada can not tell me when it will be avalibule here. The 2020 is a great pump. Good thing you did not go with the cozom as that pump has been cancled.

I am on a 2020 and I love it. I’ve seen a Ping and I think the size difference is so small its hardly noticeable but others seem to think it is a big deal. I might switch one day but not until the CGMS is integrated.

Ah, that’s it then. That’s why they didnt offer a Ping system.
No real huge difference, the 2020 is just as good I think!

Hilary, the Ping isn’t available in Australia. I’m only a couple of hours south from you in the Northern Rivers, and I was the first at my local community health centre, back in June!

Love my Animas too!

Am just treating a hypo after driving north and taking our overseas visitors through Currumbin Wildlife Park all afternoon. (My hypos usually hit about 12 hours later!)