OneTouch Ping Diabetes System coming up in August: thoughts?

I just read the news about the upcoming OneTouch Ping Diabetes System.

Thoughts about this?

wow! i wish minimed had this feature…this is amazing…

I am about to go on my first pump and this bring Animas to the top of my choices. Got to talk to the Animas rep again. My endo has to hear about this.

I’ve been considering switching to the Animas from Minimed and this feature is helping to tip the scales (along with the cool color screens).

It’s not clear to me from the release, but it appears that you tell the pump to deliver the bolus by pressing buttons on the meter, is that right? I wonder if it can be programmed to deliver the bolus automatically without any user intervention at all? Not that this would be a good idea - I can’t imagine myself turning control over completely to a machine, but I was just wondering . . .

well, this would sure make me think about which pump to choose. now i have to start all over again at looking at them.

And it works on Mac OS X. I wouldn’t need Windows anymore.

To be fair, with the Intel Macs, we can have 2 computers in one, but it would be nicer to not have to.

I DO like the Carelink site, where I can upload data to it and not have to keep anything there at home, I can log in at my doctor’s and they could see my reports and such.

Looks cool. How is the Ping different from the UltraLink?

That is super cool. I didn’t know they were even working on this. The Animas rep I talked to a couple of months ago told me Animas and DexCom are supposedly collaborating to combine a CGMS with the Animas pump. She said that wouldn’t be available for another year and half to 2 years though.

I can’t see where it says anything about the pump model though. It looks like the 2020 in the picture, but it actually has “One Touch Ping” on it so I’m guessing it’s a 2020 that’s been adapted. The warranty on my 1200 expired at the end of May so I’ve only had my 2020 for a month, and this will be the model I’m stuck with for another 3 years and 11 months unless I pay out of pocket for an upgrade. I have to call on Monday and ask what the deal is. I’m annoyed the press release doesn’t explain anything about the pump model. I want one!

The release didn’t say anything about the accuracy of the meter. If it has the same error rate as the One-Touch Ultra I sure wouldn’t want the meter to tell the pump what to do. If the meter is significantly more accurate, that would indeed be a great boon.

Hey Manny! I am new to the group - I love it! I am not on a pump, but am thinking it is definitely time and this looks incredible! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

From what I read, it appears that the Ping not only captures and manages BG data but also lets you manage the pump wirelessly (bolus, etc.)

Where did you read that? Now THAT would rock for me!!!

My understanding is that OneTouch meters are one of the most accurate if not the most accurate.

This is where I read about it for us Mac Users.

If I understand correctly, there is TWO WAY communication, which none of the pumps have had yet—

so you can test, see how much insulin is on board, bolus, etc. all from the meter!!

Sounds GREAT to me!!!

For those who are considering Animas, one thing that deterred me from choosing them was the amount of buttons that you need to click! The screen is nice and this Ping would be AWESOME, but the Animas seems to be not as user friendly as other pumps.

Check out this video made by Bernard. The Cozmo has settings that remember things and limit the button pushing. Even if you don’t use the food database, there are a lot of buttons to push to give a single bolus! It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but since we use them all day everyday, these things matter. I would check it out, talk to Animas users on the site, or better yet, try to get a sample before you decide for sure!

I have an Animas pump, and I also have the Minimed Guardian, the CGM housed in a pump minus pump capabilities. I like the Animas buttons better because you don’t have to press them as hard. I can’t speak to the pump functions of Minimed, but I don’t think there’s any difference in number of buttons to press. For the Guardian, there are a lot of buttons to press in order to get through the different menus, and I find it difficult to find certain functions sometimes. I don’t care for the way it’s all organized. I wanted a CGM though, and my insurance company wouldn’t cover DexCom. I also don’t mean to sound ungrateful to have it either because I definitely am.

As an Omnipod user…it sounds pretty cool to me. I love being able to use the wireless integrated meter (PDM) to deliver insulin. It was one of the main reasons I went with Omnipod. If Animas had had this out, I might have considered it more seriously. It is the prettiest pump, however, I don’t remember it being very feature-rich (like the Cozmo.)

This has been QUITE awhile ago, but I was curious to see if you did switch. I’m considering it now and need opinions.