What is everyone’s target range?

Also, what is everyone’s target standard deviation?

Just trying to get a sense of everyone’s target. I currently have a target range on my Dexcom of 70 - 180 but wondering if I need to adjust. Also, my target standard deviation is anything below 25.

I don’t have a target standard deviation. Typically I’d say mine is around 3.0 to 4.0 mmol/L, but I just try to keep it as low as possible.

My target range is 4.0 to 7.0 mmol/L. But I’ve just switched to the Libre, and this is very hard to hit without alarms (only 42% in range for the past week). Hoping when I get MiaoMiao things will be easier. In the past, I can manage 60-70% in range if I’m eating lower carb.

The target range I use to assess time in range is 65-140 mg/dL or 3.6-7.8 mmol/L. The target range that I use to aim for when making treatment choices is 83-84 mg/dL or about 4.6 mmol/L.

My current 14 day standard deviation is 24 mg/dL or 1.3 mmol/L. My target SD is < 20 mg/dL (1.1 mmol/L).

Wow, I may need to update my target range. I believe I’m using the Dexcom’s default values. My 30 day standard deviation is 28 and average glucose is 111 mg/dL. Meaning, 68% of my readings are within the range of 83 to 139. I have a long way to go but the CGM is definitely helping.

I leave my target range at 70-180 for assessing time in range according to standard ranges. My real target range is 70-140.

My standard deviation target is 20 or less and ave target for BG is 115 of less. This month (July) I have hit my target BG for 28 days out of 28 days, best streak I have ever had.

I’m not sure you have that far to go. An average blood glucose of 111 without excessive hypoglycemia is great control. I use a target range of 70-140 because I found that using a 160 upper range had me too comfortable with readings 160-180 and it showed in my A1c. I prefer my alarms early.


My target range is 55-150 6 AM- 10 PM and 55-130 10 PM to 6 AM with a Standard deviation below 18 and Time in Range 100% when in the US and 98% or above during International travel. And yes I meet those target ranges pretty much all the time.

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Wow, rock on! How do you hit those target’s, especially when traveling?

My low/high range is 60-140 mg/dL, and my target BG is 83 mg/dL.

60 day standard deviation is 22 mg/dl and average glucose is 95 mg/dL. 98% of my readings are within range.

Most recent A1C was 4.6. For the majority of my career as a T1D I either didn’t know or care much about my A1C. Only in the past 15-20 years has maintaining tighter control become important to me. SD and TIR are more important to me than A1C.

I feel the “safe” zone A1C numbers of 7-ish my doctor(s) recommended for years are neither safe nor acceptable if one wants to avoid long-term complications.


I eat, dose and exercise to my Dexcom G5 CGM and digital scale. After decades of going to my facilities in China and India as well as other countries, I have the travel thing pretty much down to a science. Just need to set very tight standards and rarely deviate which gets great numbers but miss out on some great food and partying.

I’ll play this game: 100.


My target range is 65-160 during the day and 65-180 at midnight to 8am. I aim for 95 during the day and 115 at night. My average is 116, although sigh it was 112 before I started spiking in the middle of the night a few weeks ago.

I usually am 95-100% in range, I am hovering around 95% percentage average because of that same spiking that is occurring at night that’s driving me nuts!!! This is on top of my usual DP that is deciding to be milder. Before the last 2 weeks I had 12 of 14 days at 100%.

I have my alarms set at 75-140 to forestall going out of range. At night 75 to 160 now to try to help with my sudden change in escalation that has started between 1-3 am.

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70-170 but I have alarms set to 70-150 so that I have a chance of heading off highs. Unfortunately I’m only in range 58% of the time, although less than 1% low so that’s good. Standard deviation is currently 48mg/dl.

25 years ago I had a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 5. Those were the days…


Ok, so you all convinced me to update my target range to 70 - 160 as a starting point with an ideal range of 70 - 140.


I agree with this. Going to my ends in early August. Nancy50

< 120

Once I learned no sweets and low long lasting carbs allowed my to skip Humalog that’s my target. The sliding scale they gave me starts at 120.

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Same here, seeing endo on Aug 7. Using 70-180 time in range I am in range 98-100% of the time, always slightly lower but never higher. Before I figured things out I was high 30% of the time.

Richard J. Carli


    July 28

leave my target range at 70-180 for assessing time in range according to standard ranges. My real target range is 70-140.

I agree with this. Going to my ends in early August. Nancy50

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My target range is 70-160. My average BS is 115 with a standard deviation of under 30. My a1c is 5.7

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My target range is typically 70 to 170. My standard deviation (SD) late last year was 27. Sadly, it’s been on the rise this year and I’m working on getting it down again.