What is it all about?

What is all the stuggle in our lives with diabetes about?
Is it about eating the right, avoiding anything that’s not healthy?

Is it enough what I’m doing? Is the A1c I get low enough to prevent me from complications? And is avoiding them the most important thing to aim? I wanna live by the courage, that if I’d get them, I’d still embrace life and love myself instead of blaming me, and instead of living in fear. I wanna take care of my life, but I wanna live a life worth living.

When I was younger, I used to think a life worth living is only when I can eat what I want,
without having to worry all time; when I can be “just like anybody
else”, and I heard other teenagers say that.
But that’s not true. I found out, my life really feels worth
living when I can be who I am, and that is, being a diabetic, too. It
feels worth living if I respect myself enough so that I’m motivated to take care of

And it also feels good sometimes, Not to worry and give myself a sweet, unhealthy drink without thinking about it.

But there always is this question: Am I doing enough? Can I look into my own eyes and say: “I’m doing my best”?
If I would get pregnant, could I have a healthy child? Am I taking enough care of me that my boyfriend doesn’t need to be worried of seing me suffer in the future?

These questions do motivate me to question myself again and again, and I think that’s good. I’m always risky of jumping back to “being too much about food”. Life isn’t about food. Food is about living :wink:
I tried a lot of recipes without sugar, and it’s a lot of fun. I love cooking healthy meals more and more, and I apreciate that! But I have to remind myself again and again, that it’s not about food. It’s about embracing life and myself, as I am.

You see, a lot of stuff going round in my head ^^
Do you feel the same sometimes?
I wanna love my life, and I wanna live healthy. Without fear.

I do feel the same sometimes and it is hard when there are complications that we try hard to avoid.I am always thinking and its not good so enjoy each moment and if /when complications happen deal with it then.

you are doing fine honey. Life is about living and loving and laughing and accepting that your best today is ok. That’s always all we can do, our best. And on “weak” days when we make a choice that isn’t perfect we are STILL ok. Its all about being human.

You are a wonderful gift to yourself and all of us. Smile.

It’s always the diabetic me versus the want to eat like other people me. Usually the diabetic one wins, but not always.

Of course, this WAY oversimplifies our daily efforts and that cauldron in our brains of "should I, shouldn’t I, why do I even have to think about this? But, in essence, we can choose to fit our life into diabetes or choose to fit diabetes into our life. I vote for the second.

Sometimes I vote by what I put in my mouth. And sometimes I vote by what I decide not to put in my mouth. And sometimes I just generally want to flip off the big D. And that’s when posts like yours put the smile back on my face.