Low Carb Breads

Where can I buy low carb bread and what are the names of them?

I buy Village Hearth Light breads… 12 Grain as well as Italian (white). It is made in Minnesota and I buy it at grocery stores in Wisconsin. Twenty grams (20g) of carbohydrate per 2 slices. And even that is too much for me so I eat it very sparingly.

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Very high fiber, which translates into lower carb because you subtract the number of grams of fiber from the number of carbs when dosing Also, very filling. Its in the freezer section. It has to be refrigerated. It is expensive.


I made these almond flour pancakes recently and swapped herbs in for the sweet ingredients to make a savory version to serve with soup. They came out really well!

I think in your case, Google is your friend. You can purchase low carb bread from all sorts of retailers including Walmart, Target, local specialty shops and bakeries as well as online through Amazon.com and others. You can, of course, also make your own as there are dozens of recipes on various low carb websites. Just type Low Carb bread or Keto bread into your browser and then look at the 100’s (between store bought and what you can make) avail low carb breads and decide which ones you like the best, meet your budget and are available in your area.

Dream Bread.
Just Sweet Enough Diabetic Foods and Bakery
Calgary, Canada

2 Net Carbs per slice (18 - 16Fibre)


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Thank you

I ditched the sandwich bread for Tumaros low carb wraps. I also use Tumaros for tacos.

I look for barley wraps, easy on the bgs.

+1 for the Ezekiel breads. They seem to have less of an impact on my blood sugar. For example, a half of a banana will spike me higher than the Ezekiel bread. Also, the bread is a fairly clean food product.

I like these too. The tomato one and the spicy one

I absolutely love When Pigs Fly low-carb Whole Wheat bread. It’s a New England company, so you might not find it in your local supermarkets, but it is available online.

Each slice has only 8 grams of carbs. No sugar…nothing, absolutely NOTHING but whole grains, flaxseed, etc. It’s dense and tastes great. Slices are only slightly thinner and smaller than regular whole wheat, but it stands up to any condiments without falling apart.