What is your BG when you awake and before meals

if your doctor is reluctant to switch you over, fire that doctor and get one whose head isnt up their you know what…:slight_smile:

Rich I’m almost the same what is your basil and I:C rate Mine 0.6 Basil 14 I:C

I’m still adjusting setting my basil at nite


You’re right, Zoe, on both counts.

My Basal rate is .15 per hour and I:C Ratio is about 1:12 depending on meal

The timeframe is just a generalization. For most juvenile T1 the immune system is that potent that the phase is 1 to 1/2 years. On the other hand we see the T1.5/Lada fraction and this group has a slower onset of the immune reaction with some genetic factors involved. There is even a subgroup in the T1 group where the immune reaction comes to a hold or at least balance between islet growth and destruction. This group of T1s has residual betacells keeping the standard distribution of blood glucose levels lower than in the group without residual betacells. I think the joslin hospital tries to identify these subgroups in the long term study of joslin medalists to differentiate their specific success factors for good control. So you might have a never ending honeymoon but it is very unlikely.

Yeah I know, its very unusual. I have done several basal testings and .15 has been the correct setting. I am also VERY VERY thin so the DR said I am very sensitive to insulin. I may also still be honeymooning
In response to your questions using insulin 7 months, I was 29 when diagnoes, and no I have never spilled ketones. I agree its a very unusual ratio.

Interesting. I had never head a number stated like that for honeymooning, so just thought Id ask to clarify.

For me personally, I produce no insulin and havent for years.

I’ve also heard numbers for LADA being from a few months to 4 years on average. (I was 15 months so right in that range).

I agree it all starts with a great management team. I’ve lived in three states with my diabetes of 16 years and only just found one that is right for me recently. She is great and working with me for my unacceptable highs that I let happen for a past decade. Control is the answer and these groups and forums are awesome for advice and guidance a doctor can not give. Get on the pump and test often and follow a strict diet untill your A1C is 6% now or it may be too late and you may experience the complications we all fear. Geez now I shall practice what I preach. Yes it’s much easier to type than to actually do!!!