What is your favorite thing to fry?

This morning I heated up coconut oil and fried broccoli and spicy kielbasa in it. Added onion seasonings, and pepper flakes. Once fried up proper set aside. Fried up some beaten eggs until firm and added back in the sausage mix. Folded over the eggs and voila! Breakfast a la diabetes!

I am looking for new ideas for breakfast that are low carb and filling. What do YOU do?

1 egg 3 slices of precooked bacon I use Hormel
put egg in bowl add a little milk
Crumble bacon into egg mixture
put Pam in Skillet
Add egg mixture

90 calories egg 0 carbs
70 calories bacon o carbs

cup of tea or coffee

My favourite thing to fry is chicken! Chicken wings with absolutely no breading, double fried so they are crispy and golden. Or chicken wings with a light coating of cornstarch and rice flour - this keeps its crunch even when cold. There is a small amount of carb in the coating but nothing to worry about. I always make extra when cooking fried chicken for dinner and it makes a great breakfast the next morning.

Not many will say mine.Deer meat in a cast iron fry pan with onions and two eggs.

Breakfast Omelet :
2 eggs beaten and 2 spoons of milk
Sauteed shredded chicken breast (leftovers, turkey is great too), bacon, green/red bell peppers strips, mushrooms, and onions with a pinch of salt and pepper. Sprinkle a bit of cheese.

You can also use almond flour for the chicken to coat it and almost zero carb. The deer meat sounds awesome. I also like to just fry up ground beef with onions, peppers and seasoning. I add black beans and real butter and fry it up. eat with eggs or quinoa. very tasty.