Egg-less Low Carb Breakfast Ideas?

Any ideas for breakfasts under 5g carbs that don't include eggs?? Or at least so that you can't taste the eggs? I'm sick of them lately and getting bored with my usual go-to alternatives...

I recently got a waffle iron. I've tried several low carb recipes from the internet, made with various combinations of almond flour, coconut flour, flax meal cream cheese and whey protein. All have made surprisingly light waffles. I use almond milk for a liquid and Truvia for sweetness. All contain eggs but you can't taste them. The ones I like best so far are based on almond flour and cream cheese. I've been topping them with butter, cinnamon and a few blue berries. Most net carb counts for these type of recipes is 2-3g per waffle.

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if you like white cheese, I can recommend goat cheese and letuce sprinkled with olive oil,
my sugar is very low after such a breakfast.

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I just got a box of Carbquick - it is a low carb wheat flour that makes some tasty pancakes and very low carbs - 2 g per serving

This is always a dilemma. I used to get a low carb cereal, that was under ~10 carbs, but the company dissolved for whatever reason. I like sausage patties, regular, turkey, or the veggie type. But I'm with you, love to hear more ideas, breakfast is a tough one.

Maybe try unusual sausages? British style bangers?
I like Greek style yogurt, but it's above 5g.

You can try a "hash" made from ground sausage, mushrooms and onions.(Penzeys spices sells "breakfast sausage spice" which will turn any ground meat into breakfast sausage tasting ground meat. I know it works great with pork, but might try it with other meats as well.


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Hope some of these ideas help. I have collected them from here and there, a couple are my own.

I generally go with 2 slices of cold cuts (german bologna, turkey, ham, etc.), 2 slices of cheese, toasted on 2 kavli crisps.

Thanks for all the great ideas.

Hi Debra. After the reports of arsenic in all rice, I'm looking for recipes w/o rice flour. I was willing to use brown rice flour, but now I am not. I'm definitely going to try the Coconut Flour Pancakes. Thanks!

Hi my name kira I am 10 years old and have type 1 diabetes my Mom is MaineMom.
here is a great(vary low-carb)hot cereal hot cereal recipe that I made
(my twin brother Dylan helped he dose not have diabetes but follows a strict low-carb diet with me!)


coconut flour
shredded coconut
grated chocolate(Coco Polo stevia sweetened chocolate)
almond milk

ge a small bowl and mix dry ingredients together.
pour in half a cup of almond milk and half a cup of Half&Half
cook in microwave until puffy

Enjoy and God Bless:)


Yes, me too.
Any low carb ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Ih378: See recipes above for low carb ideas.

Smoked salmon or trout makes a nice change from eggs or sausages.

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arsenic in rice??? c’mon…