Breakfasts 6g carb or less...ideas anyone?

Hi all,

I have trouble with my morning numbers if I eat anything at all...I was experimenting with intermittent fasting and had great morning numbers with no food/lots of water. However, I'm a little scared to do IF long term, as I've read that it may have negative hormonal effects for I'm back to trying to find really low carb breakfasts that work for me...getting tired of eggs already...any ideas?

I haven't found anything other than eggs I want to eat for breakfast to keep my carbs low. But let me suggest that I make omelets which I count as 6 carbs (over-charging a bit because it's so low and need to count for protein). An omelet can have cheese and any combination of vegetables, meat, or non-meat protein. (My vegie sausage brings it up to around 8, but I believe actual meat has no carbs?). The combinations and permutations of ingredients are endless so I don't get bored. I also eat huevos mexicanos which is eggs scrambled with chiles, onions and tomatoes and vegie sausage which is 8 carbs.

I know what you're really looking for are alternatives to eggs but I love the way that I prepare my eggs and thought you might try it.

I'm not sure how you're preparing your eggs but I find this breakfast and its many variations, yummy. I scrambled two jumbo eggs with two ounces of heavy cream. I add 2.6 ounces, 2 slices, of thick cut bacon. With that I enjoy two campari tomatoes (a little larger than ping-pong balls). Finally, I top the scrambled eggs with two slices of pepper-jack cheese ( 2 ounces).

I fry the bacon first and then cut the tomatoes in half and fry them long enough to heat them well. I then scramble the eggs and melt the cheese over the top.

This breakfast has 6 grams carbohydrates, 55 grams of protein, and 69 grams of fat.

For variety, I'll substitute pork link sausages for the bacon or avocados for the tomatoes. Avocados, once you subtract out the fiber, are low in carbs.

Since I often consume about 12 grams of carbs for breakfast, I also add some peach/mango salsa for flavor. The fruit in the salsa is cut small and the addition of vinegar helps slow down the digestion of carbs, I think.

This breakfast is very satisfying and gives me great post breakfast BGs. I don't eat lunch so this meal keeps me going until 5:00 p.m.

You mention that you're having trouble with your morning numbers. Do you deliver an extended bolus to cover the protein/fat in your breakfast?

lots of ideas here

It sounds like you need to tweak your I:C ratio for breakfast. My ratios are different for each meal: 1:6, 1:10, 1:16. You might play with your breakfast ratio a bit so you are not high at your PP test.

Plain yogurt. It is about 7-8 carbs per Fage single serve container. You can adjust that easily to meet your limit and you have dairy and protein.

Or you could deliver that extra unit over a one hour period. This is a trial and error process.

Yes, this meal has 865 calories! Fat and protein are great for keeping the appetite down in between meals.

i also sometimes get sick of eggs but am now gonna try some of these récipes. i usually just scramble one and load butter on it-anything tastes good with butter! when im really sick of them i get wasa crispbread, the fiber ones, and have 2 of them (5 grams ch) topped with smoked salmon and rucola and cream cheese, or queso fresco. i dont think there is a translation for queso fresco in english but actually saw some in costco in the summer-really mild soft cheese. sometimes ill just put butter on them (of course).

they also make a great pre workout snack with queso fresco on them topped with bits of fresh pineapple-bit more carbs there for the workout.

when melón is in season i have melón with prosciutto ham for breakfast-melon is only about 10ch for 200 grams.

i also do the plain greek yogurt topped with crushed walnuts-really filling. the dannon greek plain yogurts are only 5 grams of carbs for 125gr pot.

How about Almond flour pancakes with a minimum amount of berries or jam & butter? I've been having them a lot. Here is the recipe I use:

1 C Almond Flour = a little coconut flour or flakes for flavor
1/4 Teas Baking Soda
3 Eggs
1 Teas Vanilla
Sweet leaf Liquid Stevia
Water as needed

They're around 3-4 g per pancake- if you add jam more, 1 T unsweetened jam is generally around 6-7g but if you make it yourself with berries, stevia and gelatin it will probably be less. Fresh berries would be less also.

I cook them in butter.

that recipe looks wonderful! does anyone worry about sat fat cardiac wise?

I know that most people on here believe in high fat/low carb. I'm not entirely convinced about the high fat part, and also don't know if it applies to those of us who don't eat Bernstein low on our carbs. Besides cardiac risks I also gain weight very easily so I still eat non-fat yogurt and such. I'm a vegetarian so I probably don't get much fat in my diet naturally. I do use butter.

I little bit of fat goes a long way, Just remember 4-4-9. (Calories =), Carb = 4, protein = 4, Fat = 9. Someone mentioned 100g of fat a day, thats 900 calories, fat has more food value than any other food.

I eat low carb flat bread for breakfast, there are some high fiber tortillas that are only 3 net carbs...

You're welcome Jennifer, I have been having this a lot lately, before work etc. If you make a big batch you can keep them in the fridge and quickly reheat them… :)

Lorrie, I don't worry about it, my lipid panel is very good, ratio of hdl to ldl, no bad density fats and low triglycerides etc. For me lowering my a1c and eating low carb improved my numbers which had gone up from high bg and dka.If I were a raw vegan I'm sure my overall number would be lower but it is fine. They usually have lower overall numbers.

Muffin in a minute. Google it since my recipe is in my other computer which is on the blink. I haven't done them in a while but basically it is an egg, ground flax seed, pinch of salt, bit of baking powder and some butter (I think). Mix it in a coffee cup and zap in micro for about 1 min. You can add any number of seasoning or flavorings. Sometimes I do herbs and garlic for a savory one. Other times I do it with cinnamon and nutmeg then slice it into rounds and pour on sf syrup. So far this is a good bread sub. I also do pretty good with high fiber so I eat low carb tortillas.