What is your funny story?

Last month I sat down with a group of people at a restuarant for lunch. When the food arrived I was intensly staring at the food tapping my fingers together. A person that did not know me at the table picked up her fork and started eating. She suddenly stopped, place her fork back on the table and said, " I am sorry, I did not realize that you were praying". I then giggled and told her I was not praying I was counting carbs.

Tell us your funny story.

Isn’t it the same thing??

Don’t have any funny stories…guess I haven’t had diabetes long enough yet. Only funny thing is that I do the same darn thing every time I go out to a restaurant. I think, “oh no, it’s a restaurant and I have no control over carbs” and bolus at the top of my usual range. Then I go ahead and order the lowest carb item on the menu and…of course…end up low. Every time. I’m learning though. I went out with my brother to a restaurant known for its seafood…only I’m a vegetarian. I bolused for ravioli and when I asked found out even the ravioli had meat in it and the only thing I could eat was a vegie salad. I did have the good sense to eat a piece of good crunchy wheat bread and ended up only in the high 60s.

Once my bg was dropping in the checkout line at the grocery store.
There happened to be a big refrigerated case of pop right in front of me, with the 20 ounce plastic bottles. I was dropping fast and took one out and drank about half and then recapped it and put it back in the case. Guess I thought I was at my frig at home. I don’t know what the people who were in line behind me thought, but nobody said anything.
Then, about an hour after I got home I remembered doing it, and raced back to the store. Yup, it was still in there, so I took it out and paid for it. Guess I didn’t want to have a soda theft on my conscience…

I checked my BS the other day and went uh oh 68. So I started eating gluco tabs, then noticed the meter was upside down and it really read 89!

One day my BG was a little high.My husband and I had to go somewhere and I was running around looking for my car keys.My husband look at me,started laughing.I asked him what was so funny about it and he said that my keys were hanging on my finger.

It was about 3:00 a.m and I had to use the restroom. I always get out of bed and then tug my tube until I find my pump. My husband rolled over and saw this little black thing lunging forward a couple inches at a time. He let out a blood curdling scream, thinking it was a mouse in bed with him. I laughed and laughed and laughed so hard that I had to lay down. What a great laugh.

I am thankful to giggle at all of these comments/blogs today.

that’s hilarious:)

I will drink to that! Happy Thanksgiving all!