What kind do you use?

When I was first dx with D at age 9, it started with one huge meter (or it seemed so to me), one "poker", and individually wrapped strips, all kept in a neat leather pouch in a drawer next to the dining room table. Well today, 8 years later, this has become an entire desk. My "diabetes desk", as it is lovingly referred to in my house, is actually an antique. It was my Grandpas, and is an old secretary style, with the flip down lid and different slots for mail, and one little drawer underneath. I also have a shelf underneath where all the extra boxes of reservoirs, sets, etc, are kept. It is tucked away in my hallway next to my bedroom, but since I got on the pump (3 months ago Friday!!), I hardly use it, and keep my meter next to me bed. So I guess the question here is, what do you do with all of your diabetes stuff? I have heard of drawers full of it and other stuff, but what is your preference?

Oh and I also have a shelf in the door of my fridge that is just for my many boxes of NovoLog, and back up Lantus pens :)

So let me know, I have always kind of wondered if I am the only one who keeps things this together, or if there is someone out a little OCD about it? :D

Any comments on D, dx date, problems, questions, suggestions welcome!!!

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I added pictures of my desk, what about yours?