What meter do you use with Tslim and Dexcom

I was a long time minimed pump user and recently switched to the tslim and Dexcom CGM. (Very happy with that decision). I’ve always used the meters supplied by minimed that communicated with the pump. Pre-pump I used accu-check. The only meter I can remember buying was a one touch mini for small evening purses. I’m still using my Contour next link. I"m ready to switch to a new meter. I don’t have any issues with it but when I’m doing two finger sticks to calibrate the Dexcom it"s annoying to have to wait for the can’t send the result to the pump screens to clear. Looking for suggestions; are there any meters that communicate with the tslim? Or is there a way to stop the Contour from looking for the minimed pump? What do others on these same devices use and why?

I don’t think there are any meters that communicate with the t:slim at this time. I assume that may change in the future.
I have the t:slim, Dex G5 and use an Accuchek Connect. I’m happy with the combination.

whatever your insurance pays strips for. :slight_smile: they force me to use one touch or pay a higher copay even though i find freestyle to be the best. For heavens sake One Touch how hard is it to add alight to the meter?

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glad u mentioned the light, I’d be lost without it

I use the iHealth bg monitor, simply because the strips are much more inexpensive ($7/box for 50 strips) than my insurance copay on the Accucheck my insurance requires ($30). Your CDE can likely give you a free meter (at least they do give out iHealth in my area), and with Amazon subscription the strips come each month at a discounted price.

When I got my t:slim G4 in January, it came with a One Touch Verio meter. I’ve been using it ever since, since it’s a compatible meter for the t:connect software. It has a light which with helps overnight testing.

I got one with my Dexcom… Unfortunately my insurance won’t cover it. I love the light on it!

Just pulled out the box my tslim came in and found the meter! Guess I was
so excited to get the tslim I didn’t even remember seeing a meter in the
Thank u!!!

I’m jealous, that tslim looks sweet. Let us know how you like it.

I use the freestyle meters now, freedom and freedom lite. I was using ibg star which I still use occasionally because I still have test strips. I think the freedom meters run a bit high for me overall compared to dexcom but I have a lot of very off readings with dexcom and always have had.

i love the freestyle but the morons at CVS caremark only cover Onetouch in their formulary and I just dont want to pay the higher cost. Really pisses me off that these companies get away with having these financial deals with one company which takes away your right to choose. It should be against the law to do that. I will get the omnipod one day and it only uses freestyle.

I was looking at Ihealth last night. Where do you find strips for $7? I’m seeing more like $12/50 on amazon. You and I are both bargain hunters.

My cvs Caremark plan has fine print that basically says (if I understand it correctly) that if you use a device that requires freestyle strips they are approved— I have to assume that means he omnipod. Otherwise it’s one touch only. They’re crap.

Looks like my last order I paid $10.62. I get it through Amazon Subscription services, which gives a 5-15% discount on current pricing. Looking back at my history, it varies between ~$7-11 per box. Still cheaper than paying for them during my “fill the deductible” stage of insurance.

Shows how often I even consider the price of them, they are so cheap.

Good to know. Plus since I have the Cgm, the number of strips I use will be much lower. Ofcourse I prefer to test 10 times a day so better for my Dr to write my script for that.

Also, watch Amazon Warehouse deals. Their “open box” deals are essentially unopened test strips in damaged boxes. At the moment, they are $10.70 a box.

I’m thinking I’ll switch from one touch to out of pocket since still way cheaper than my copay.

If you and about 10 million other people start doing that, there’d actually be a functioning marketplace and strips would be about a penny each like they should be…

But it won’t happen on any significant scale. USA patients don’t behave in their own economic best interest.

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I use the CGM portion of my T:Slim G4 so I don’t use the Dexcom. I don’t want to carry more than one device with me. I have a Contour next that I use.