Medtronic 770g Pump Tidbit

FYI for all those getting the free upgrade to the new Medtronic 770g pump and CGM system. Connection to a meter can only be done with a AccuCheck meter, Contour meters do not sync with new pump. FYI before you go and buya 3 month supplier of test strips for a meter that now does not link to pump. @Amanda_Sheldon_Medtr @IHMedtronic would have been nice if Medtronic communicated that to customers before they upgraded and could have updated there Rx. Now Im stuck with 3 month supply of test strips and meter that doesnt link with pump. I have to hand enter everything. YEAH!!! #communicationkeytoanyrelationship. Thanks for a great start to my new pump, I will be waiting 3 months. Also thanks to the CS team that when I called did not apologize one time for the problem or say “hey we help you out”.

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Why did Medtronic do that? Because the Contour meters were too accurate, convenient, and portable? And the Contour strips were less expensive?

Who wants to carry a small portable meter around, when you can have a much larger and less accurate meter with more expensive strips!

:musical_note: And the beat goes on, Medtronic. :musical_note:

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LOL, I have no insight on which meter is good or bad, big or small just the fact that they purposely hid the fact that you have to use the Accucheck meter is disappointing.

Yeah … found out about this when I received my 770G in December, and it came with the AccuChek meter. I had just received a new 3 month supply of strips. I like Contour meter, and the AccuChek wasn’t covered by my insurance, So, I have decided to just keep using the Contour … works great, and, at least for me, it isn’t that much of a hassle to manually enter it into the pump.

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Thanks, @ryork35, first I’ve heard about this. My experience with the 670G was so bad I went back to my old pager-style Paradigm. I’m coming to the end of warranty on the 670 and trying to decide whether to switch to a Tandem or give Medtronic another try. Or just stay with what I have. That’s starting to look like a pretty good option.

And welcome to TUD. It’s a very knowledgeable, very supportive community—hope you stick around!

You can get a loaner from Tandem if you want to try it.
They offered me that before I switched to getting one, but I just switched anyway because I wanted to use dexcom.

The 770g is a souped-up 670g with extra Bluetooth connectivity, isn’t it?

Well, only kinda. The 770 will have BT connectivity and a smartphone app, so yay, but functionally it’s the same as the 670. The “souped up” version will be the 780, which you’ll be able to upgrade to remotely via the BT connection, and which is already available overseas. The big improvements will be a new and improved algorithm for Automode, and an adjustable algorithm target value. The 670 was fixed at 120 ml/dl, which a lot of users (including YT) found really inadquate. The 780 allows you to set it as low as 100, which should enable you to achieve A1Cs in the low 6 range. With the 670 you really had to struggle and do work-arounds to get 6.5 at best.

Yeah. The new pump supports Bluetooth only connections which the older sensors and meters do not. I still use the contour but have to enter the bg results. I do this because I can get the strips for less money than the newer accucheck