What Paul Ryan Thinks of Me……

The issues in this election are vital to us as a community of diverse folks with The D. I believe we should discuss it. Dearly beloved Admins: if we can't keep it civil, I will not be the least bit offended if you call us to a Major Halt!

While Governor Romney has been unclear about his position on many things, even though his personal and public records give us some clues, Paul Ryan has not. So here's what I believe he would tell me:

As a progressive, I'm a "Cancer" on the country. As a Diabetic, go to the ER when rationing your test strips necessitates. As a Senior, die sooner and who cares if you can do that in your own home (where, thanks to Medicare, my Mom died peacefully in my arms). As a mother and sister and granddaughter of lesbians and the mother and aunt of young women who are child-bearing right now---let them all bear the babies from a rape or incest. As a citizen with limited income, save your pennies to use soon-to-be defunded mass transit to get a photo ID even though you don't drive and will also have to make numerous phone calls and pay more money to get a copy of your birth certificate which disappeared when your purse was stolen. As an artist---oh well---I wouldn't even bother…..

Yes, that all states my bias. But I would like to know how any person with a pre-existing condition and really, how any woman can support these candidates.

I'm not any kind of attack dog. I'll try to respond thoughtfully!.....Blessings on all of us who struggle with The D and our self-management in the face of societal ignorance!!!

Unfortunately for all, there's a long, entrenched Puritanical tradition in blaming people for their situation. Be it financial, physical or mental health, the disenfranchised are at fault. A convenient out for those in power to divert & smokescreen the issues of inequality & maintain control. So much for any kind of social contract.

I fear a calculated strategy of a return to a feudal-like state. Masses will have nothing & be grateful for anything authority tosses them. Civil rights severely eroded, blatant attacks against women's reproductive rights, collective bargaining curtailed & a host of other indicators while no one complains or stands up. There's a frightening movement in education to systematically squelch critical thinking. We've become a nation of sheep with only a few lone voices of reason & compassion daring to challenge. Apathy & hopelessness.

I fear a calculated strategy of a return to a feudal-like state.

which is exactly the intent.


As I lay with my head in your lap camerado,
The confession I made I resume, what I said to you and the open air
I resume,
I know I am restless and make others so,
I know my words are weapons full of danger, full of death,
For I confront peace, security, and all the settled laws, to
unsettle them,
I am more resolute because all have denied me than I could ever have
been had all accepted me,
I heed not and have never heeded either experience, cautions,
majorities, nor ridicule,
And the threat of what is call'd hell is little or nothing to me,
And the lure of what is call'd heaven is little or nothing to me;
Dear camerado! I confess I have urged you onward with me, and still
urge you, without the least idea what is our destination,
Or whether we shall be victorious, or utterly quell'd and defeated."(walt whitman)

Please no politics here!! it will damage friendships!! this is a place away from all the politics!!

I was wondering about the Ryan plan in terms of the actuarial conundrum suggested by cutting people off Medicare who have many conditions, each one of which may be disabling on it's own, eg. heart condition, prone to falling, obesity, DJD at many levels, toss in some T2, maybe not disabling on it's own but a BIG challenge requiring a lot of medical care. As I understand the plan it's solution is to give those people something like $2000 and let them buy their own insurance. If insurers are forced to cover them, it doesn't strike me as that much different than Obamacare and, if you don't cover them, it's likely to end up like Soylent Green. I tosssed this out on my conservative cousin's FB thread on the subject and got a few "likes" but didn't get an explanation from any of the righties.

I know there are people who are able to collect disability who are not disabled but there are a lot of people who are going to be very hard-pressed to get insured who will still place stress on the system without adequate funding to cover it.

Love Whitman.

re Starfire: The fact that in this country we can no longer have civil political discussions says more than anything else about how far we have fallen. If the middle third could talk openly more, then perhaps we could get "back on track."

Having said that, in my view the vote in November will determine the future of our country for the next two generations at least. Maybe more. I hope it does not become feudal but it sure looks like it is headed for a few "haves" and the rest "have nots." We will see how much critical thinking people do before voting on Nov 7. Each person's decision will clearly place him/her on one side of a great divide. Which way do you really want our country to go?

I agree with you however, this is not the place. you can have all the political conversation you want on POLITICAL DISCUSSION BOARDS....

Insurance and medicare are very important to all US members. Members from other countries may also illuminate our discussion of the specifics of the Ryan nomination and/or ObamaRomneyCare by offering examples (e.g. NHS...) of how public sector insurance has worked out? There's no rule against talking about political issues on Tu and 100% of us need some sort of support, either private sector or public sector insurance.

I know quite a few people who work for a (very) large health insurer and whenever the political side of things crops up, e.g. the recent Supreme Court decision re Obamacare, they are ready to go with whichever decision is made. It would be prudent for each of us to do the same.

what on earth is this about?

Republican VP nominiee Paul Ryan put together a budget proposal getting rid of Medicare and Medicaid as we know them:

There was a good profile of him in New Yorker:

Paul Ryan's Influence on the GOP

I agree. We are a community and we discuss a great variety of things that impact our individual and group lives, some only marginally related to Diabetes. As several people have pointed out, this topic does impact our lives as PWD's, so why can't we discuss it in, of course, a civil manner? There are sometimes topics on here I either can't relate to or which make me uncomfortable; I just don't read them.

On this topic I admit I have some ignorance and really appreciate people who include relevant information for me to ponder.

As people with diabetes we all hope to manage our diabetes well enough to live a full and interesting life. Politics is a part of life, no matter where you live. It touches every aspect of our lives, especially our ability to pursue and secure adequate medical care.

GOP vice-president nominee Paul Ryan's economic proposals for Medicare could directly impact the health and well being of every member of this community. It is absolutely an appropriate topic to discuss here.

His plan would end Medicare as we know it. It would entice healthier seniors to opt out of Medicare for a cheaper private sponsored alternative. That would leave Medicare with an ever sicker more expensive demographic to care for. No insurance plan, including Medicare, can sustain itself when risk is not shared across a wide population. Ryan's plan would kill Medicare slowly but surely.

While I am not Medicare age yet, I have earned this benefit, making payroll contributions for over 40 years. The future of my health is inextricably tied up with Medicare -- I can't change that reality. If any political movement, in this case the GOP presidential ticket, proposes to substantially degrade my future access to quality health care, then I will actively work to push back. And that includes posting political comments on a primarily health focused diabetes board!

Ryan's plan to "reform" Medicare is poison to my health future.

Whose Paul Ryan?

Is he Fascist or Communist? they always liked killing folks off early!
If what you call medicare is for the old/infirm . Is his idea to reduce the numbers of the old and infirm quickly?
Would it be Government sponcered euthanasia ?

I love how you managed to drop a Soylent Green reference in on a diabetes website comment.

I also hate that you're so totally right - no Medicare for me in my old days means I'm lining up for that end-of-life video sooner rather than later.

Unlike most of the country, we *are* required to be civil! *makes gin and low-cal tonic*

Starfire. I can certainly appreciate your fear that this discussion can bring about a loss of civility in this venue. It is vitally essential that if we are to have this discussion,that ccivility must be maintained. Disagreement wuth other peoples opinions is fine, but attacks or flame wars attacking people is not. So far on this discussionm we have avoided going into the abyss.

The problem is that the political venues have degenerated into an "us vs. them" mentality, accompanied by a loss of civility and lots of negative campaign ads.

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No. It's not that simple.

Medicare provides federal medical "coverage" (sic) for everyone over 65. The coverage is sketchy at best (eg 4x test strips/ day, no CGM for T2 [I think, I may not be 100% correct on that...], certain test goals to get a pump for T2, in diabetes terms. Almost every condition has such limitations. It's also *very* limited in what it pays hospitals and medical providers) so a lot of people have supplemental coverage. It also covers people who are on disability. I heard about an acquaintance's uncle who collects federal disability payments having successfully claimed he can't work (SSDI) but is also a competitive bass fisherman, driving his boat all over the place and fishing.

I believe Ryan's plan is to shut Medicare down and give everyone $2000 or so with which to buy private insurance. Which is an interesting proposal. That would cover my D stuff for maybe about 3 months, between pump supplies, insulin and test strips, assuming no other medical needs whatsoever. A trip to the ER and boom, the insurer is upside down on your premium and gets an underwriting loss.

Medicare does not cover cgm for Type 1 or 2. There is no way to override it. I am fortunate to have fed BCBS as secondary, otherwise, I would not have cgm. My endocrinologist just reached 65 this year and he is upset that he will have to pay for his cgm supplies from now on. He did not have a medical center insurance plan that would continue it into retirement. See, our health care is all based on the luck of where you are employed in this country. Most of us have bad luck in regard to diabetes once you are 65.