To Go Kit bag

Hey all,
As a new pump user I am working on getting adjusted to the new supplies I have to carry with me. What I am looking for is any recommendations on what to get for my to go kit bag. A basic day away from home kit for me would need to include the following (according to the literature) so what is the easiest way to carry it and keep it neatly organsied?

  • BG meter
  • Ketone meter
  • Insulin vial
  • Infusion set
  • resevoir
  • fast sugars
  • slow carbs
  • glucagon kit
  • hand sanitiser
  • alcohol wipes
  • bandaid
  • spare batteries
  • back up insulin pens
  • log book
  • ???am I missing anything??

So many Answers but I am using a small sub-notebook PC bag similiar to
5950-Case.jpg (70.1 KB)

I love my messenger-diabetic bag from


I wrote this and detailed what I keep in mine: There’s a few odds and ends besides that end up in there (you’ll add as you go along) but hope this helps in the mean time…

that is a cool alternative - would never have thought of that!

I do like the clutch! I don’t think I would get the whole messenger as I carry a diaper bag but the clutch would be perfect to throw into my diaper bag or another handbag if I was heading out without my son. Wish they had fun colours but the neutrals go with anything :slight_smile:

that is really helpful - I see a few things I hadn’t thought of - adding my lip gloss first lol :slight_smile: (actually I usually have at least 5 in my diaper bag anyway)

I carry a different purse or bag around with me so I have my “pump pack”, which I move from bag to bag. I don’t keep everything that you listed in there. I keep my BG meter (which has hand wipes in it), glucagon kit, cereal bar, and back-up insulin pen loose in my purse or backpack.

For the pump stuff, I use a 10 x 18 x 6 cm sized rectangular toiletry case, which holds:

  • two infusion sets
  • two reservoirs
  • 1 vial of insulin
  • insulin pen needles
  • new lancets
  • at least two AAA batteries for the pump
  • back up meter batteries
  • cake icing (for treating bad lows)
  • alcohol swabs
  • foil-wrapped ketone test strips
  • IV3000 (switch I use to secure my infusion sets)
  • foldable scissors (which I use for cutting the IV3000)

This is also enough supplies for me to travel for a weekend. So I like that I can just make sure it’s stocked and go!

a syringe could replace back up insulin pens, and then you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing insulin pens that have been outside storage temperature too long.

I use the Pack-It Half Tube Cube

unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada :frowning:

I might look into that - I haven’t ever used them but I imagine it is similar to filling the reservoir.
On that note how does the expiry thing work? I only take it when I am out of town so if I am away for say 4 days and then put the pens back in the fridge at home are they still OK? and for how long?? Does it make a difference if I use the Frio pen case??

I should add that I don’t have to carry this kit on a normal day as we live in a small town so I am never more than 5 mins from home on a normal day so I just carry my BG meter, fast carbs and granola bars. Just for whenever we are heading out of town. But I am sure there are others reading this who need it daily so thanks so much for the great ideas :slight_smile:

nice - I hadn’t heard of cake icing as a fast carb before! I use glucose tablets or liquid for on the go and the tablets or juice boxes at home

Medtronic store has a travel case for all kinds of pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring supplies. When I travel, it fits perfectly on the bottom of my small back pack. Here’s the website:
The cot is $29.95, more expensive than the rei, but it has slots for all the inserters, insulin vial, battery power/CGMS, tape, plus two see-through pockets for pump soft or quicksets.

I don’t use the cake icing often, but in an emergency it can be used IN ADDITION to glucagon. If you are too low to swallow, it can be gently squeezed into the inside of your cheek and the carbs are absorbed. I have used it once when I was dropping quickly, but usually I also use juice (if I’m at home) or glucose tabs (on the go).

thanks Margaret - I found this on the Canadian site too and I have credit for their store so maybe I will try it out!

I take all that you have listed on a two three day trip, but for a day away from home I just take my BG meter…packrat

Oh yes and a Coke if I get too low…packrat

Just for the day I would only bring the BG meter; insulin vial; syringes; fast sugar; spare batteries; wipes. Also check out: for cool bags.