What should i do when i have no insurance?

Im a type 1 diabetic since age 15.i am fixing to be 24.I lost my insurance when i turned 21.which is so crazy because without insurance i cant get proper care for my diabetes.i can go to the local health department.but i need my regular doctors taking care of me.i just dont know what to do.my sugar stays so out of control.i have a very poor diet and i dont exercise.i take novolog insulin but i dont have a set amount i just have to guess because i dont count carbs and my doctor isnt much help.i also take 35 of lantus at night.im only getting my insulin through the prescription companies thank god.otherwise i would probably just die.im too young to be so stressed but this is so hard to deal with at a young age.ive been struggling since ive had it.and also i have many complications already which makes me wonder how much worse it it going to get for me.I have a rare kidney disease i was diagnosed with when i was diagnosed with diabetes and they really dont know much about it still.its called gittlemens syndrome.which is where i dont have any potassium in my body because i pee it all out.so it stays critical low.and that affects my heart.i could have a heart attack from that.then i also have high blood pressure.i have carpal tunnel in both wrist and when they diagnosed me i had never worked so i wondered how i got it.the doctor told me the number one risk factor is being a diabetic so go figure that was the reason.hands are numb as i type now lol.but it can be very challenging and hard for me.i just want to be normal and have a healthy life i wish there was a cure.i am also applied for disability which has been awful.they act like just because im young that i cant be disabled or whatever.i have been applied for almost 6 yrs now so i hope it comes through soon because i really need the insurance it comes with.i just dont know what to do anymore.worried it will only get worse since ive already been through so much.can anyone relate or have anything they can tell me to help?

Hi Tiffany… I’m SO sorry to hear about your struggles. Living in the USA without insurance is a constant stress, especially with diabetes. Here is a discussion with many ideas about what to do when you have no insurance (click on the link on the word discussion, then there are 4 pages of ideas). Maybe you can find some new ideas in the replies there.

Dear Tiffany:

I, also, am sorry for your travails. Life is the pits sometimes. I know because I have had some severe complications myself. Luckily, I have good insurance or I would be in deep trouble. I will keep you in my prayers that you find a solution to your troubles.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI