What Symptoms Do You Get?

I was sitting here starting to shake and get a little odd when I thought, what about someone else? What symptoms would someone else get? This is for Highs and Lows. What symptoms do you get?

For Highs, I get nerve pains in my legs, sight problems, and I tend to get grouchy. My mother is always asking if I’ve been grumpy; ‘You should test, you’re being grumpy,’ or, ‘Do you think you should test? You’re not being nice,’. Haha.

For Lows, I get terribly shaky from the inside out, racy heart, sweaty palms, and I get a little dillusional. I don’t remember what someone’s said, and I tend to ask the same question twice. Haha, it is a little funny to see. I don’t mean to, while I’m doing it, either. I also have a hard time being nice, I get grumpy with this one as well.

Well, what about you? Oh. What do you do to treat lows?

I go for my 4oz Apple juice, Juicy Juice! And then eat something. If my Juicy Juice isn’t around, or anything else, I go for regular Coca Cola, yuck. It tastes so nasty, the sugar in it.

Well. I should go test and take care of this low before I start getting dillusional. What of you? Explain, perchance?