What to do

So in the two years since dx and the idk how many years since I was dx’d with my platelet disorder, I have NEVER had a problem with the way my cuts heal. I should note that I am extremely clumsy and accident prone so I get little knicks abrasions all the time. Last week I was sick and the doc gave me antibiotics for an infection which I have been taking as prescribed and am feeling better. Fast forward to this week, when I got a shallow cut on my finger. Its rather insignificant in size and depth but has been nothing but trouble. It was bleeding more that it probably should have so I cleaned it up, put Neosporin and a band aid and kept it moving. That night, the band aid came off so I could let it breathe, the next morning I was checking it and I pressed it to see if it still hurt and some brownish liquid came out. No bueno. I immediately cleaned it up again and put some more ointment on it and a new band aid. This afternoon, I checked it again out of morbid curiosity and low and behold, when I applied a little pressure pus came out. I have called my PCP and left a message on the answering service, I squeezed out everything I could and applied more ointment and a fresh bandaid, and now I am asking the online community, is there anything more I should be doing to care for this? I have never had this reaction before. I am still on my course of antibiotics from my infection from last week, but I am almost done with that treatment. Any advice is appreciated.

I don't have any more suggestions regarding treatment of your finger cut. You've done everything I would do.

During this last year I've done quite a bit of reading on the microbiome in our gut and its significant role in our immune system. I'm thinking that since you're taking a course of anti-biotocs that perhaps that has impaired your immune system and the normal ability of your body to heal. That's pure speculation on my part.

How have your blood sugar levels been? I did have an episode of a very slow to heal skin abrasion before I was diagnosed but already a diabetic, I'm sure. High BGs will slow healing.

Good luck getting to the bottom of this.

my bgs have been all over the place since I’ve been sick. I never know what is going to spike me but right now I am very sensitive to carbs so I am doing what I can (for example, my lunch had 27 g carb and I bolused for it and I still spiked over 200).

do you know your vitamin d level?

and why not try very low carb at least for a little while. i mean 6grams for breakfast and 12 for lunch and dinner? also cut back on anything stressful to the best of your ability, get the best sleep you can, etc.

You say you have a platelet disorder. This can cause problems with clotting and healing. And now you got a cut which you believed that you have cleaned up and treated, but it may not be so simple. Oral antibiotics may not do anything for an infected cut. And if the infection has spread beyond the exposed surface then antibiotic cream may not be effective. I hate to be paranoid but I would really be good to have a doctor look at this and if the wound needs to be cleaned out they should do it as soon as possible. If you wait and the infection spreads then any action to clean it out will need to be more aggressive. If your PCP has not gotten back to you perhaps you can seek out an urgent care.

I don't wish to scare you but all of us with diabetes are at high risk of infections being fed by high blood sugars and decreased circulation impeding healing. Piled on top of that a platelet disorder pile it may be even riskier. Seeing a doctor promptly is prudent.