What was YOUR lowest low?:)

38 mg/dL

after eating a pasta dinner and walking a bit. was just about to take a General Chemistry exam… i did well on the exam after chugging a Sprite. interesting night.

  1. I’ve always had low blood sugars, most of my life… till I turned diabetic. :confused: Now it can go both ways.

Christine - Because you live in Canada your BGs are read in mmol/L where in the US BGs are read in mg/dl.

Just checkd my log - 36 and with no awareness . . .

My machine said lower then Lo,I am thinking that I was so low that the machine could not tell me a number.lol
And I was still having a laugh and a conversation until my sister reminded me to go and eat something.lol

It’s wonderful to hear that I’m not alone! Lowest I can remember getting on my meter was around 27 and actually argued with my husband that I was fine! I can carry on OK well into the 30’s. When I’ve been unconscious (about 8 times over 36 year span) and I don’t know what it was because I can’t test until I’ve started to come out. Haven’t had a bad one in some time but what’s considered a bad one? I can function at 30! Does it make a difference how fast the drop is? That seems to make my reactions different depending on how quickly I drop.

I have been in an alert coma twice, but it was because my BG levels were so HIGH, not low, I have never had issues with getting low. It was really weird that the doctors told me I was in a coma but I felt fine, really. It was even mroe confusing being I was only about 10-12 when I was in said coma’s.

when I was little 27, as of lately 42 with no signs

I was 27 or 1.5 two days ago. Not very good!


33 :frowning:

32 was the lowest low I have had.

Had a low last evening - took over a half hour to forty-five minutes to get up and after 15 glucose tabs, I barely hit 70 from 50.

the most recent one was 28. I was at uni, didn’t feel anything at all. I was just really cold & everyone else wasn’t so i thought I’d check. Anyways some juice always works wonders :slight_smile:

My friend freaked out when i told her how low i was later that day. She worries more than i do. Love her to death! :smiley:

mostly I drop into the low 1’s, however on my one touch ultra meter I had a “LO” reading but felt completely fine, like going for a jog or somethiing. The joys of being hypo-unaware!!

I was about 1.6 (29) when I fell into a coma on my living room floor, but I have been 1.2 (21) and still being able to walk down my stairs :confused:

If you’re having trouble converting numbers, then try this, http://www.tudiabetes.org/opensocial/application/show?appUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fhosting.gmodules.com%2Fig%2Fgadgets%2Ffile%2F101224669827836082777%2Fblood-glucose-converter.xml&owner=1s6jv3mj1y87t

I had a 32 yesterday. I was walking around my house, just felt a little tired. I checked and was surprised to see the 32.

My lowest low (that I’ve caught) was 44 with no symptoms. I was perched on the arm of a chair, helping a friend with a paper for a class he was taking and had eaten a slice of pizza. Since I tend to spike quite high after pizza, I thought eating less while taking a bit more insulin would keep me from the spike. Didn’t work and it wasn’t until I tested to verify what was going on that I knew I was having a low. Totally shocked!

My lowest low was 12 and I was consious and convulsing.I’ve been in the low 30’s and other diabetics had no idea I was low. I’ve been sailing, handled the lines for a tack and been fully aware at 28.

How do you deal with it other than constant testing?