Lets play high/ low. What's your highest and lowest reading you recall, EVER?

HIGH: 444

LOW: 27

OK, Erin…we are all wanting to know…what were you saying at 15!!! Did you make any sense at all or you just thought you did?

Chadd, that’s sick!!

High: 550
Low: 25

Still awake at 25 but talk about the vibrating body and was not really able to grasp what the person talking to me was saying.

Dianne, we sure have come a long way since the days we checked our glucose with our urine, which was probably way too long to wait to find out about it, huh. I have been T1 since 1976, 34 years, and have never as of yet had to be rushed to the hospital. Praise God. My high when I was diagnosed some was 980, the lowest that I have been coherent enough to test was 15

I don’t think that’s even possible Danny. Haha. How were you walking?
When we hit 10, our bodies shut down and go into a coma.
Is that reading for real? That’s crazy :slight_smile:

You must have a good story to go with that.

diagnosed and conscious at 1100 so they tell me
conscious at 22 low

My daughter was 506 after school due to a bad site.

29 at a birthday party when the insulin I gave her to cover the cupcakes was too much based on all the swimming she’d done. Found her crying on the floor, unable to tell me what was wrong. One juice box brought her back in range within 15 minutes.

high 450 low 54

High 477, my diagnosis number

Low 20, utterly uncomfortable, paranoia producing anxiety

“HI” on the meter (age of shots) and over 1000 on diagnosis:)
Low = 20 something, but unable to speak or walk…good thing my sis was there.

Hi was “HI” on meter (over 600)
diagnosis over 1200 (17.1% A1c)
Lo was 19
that I’ve read on the meter and was still functioning and walking around,
but I’ve also been in insulin shock comas which I think means I was under 10. But I’m not sure.

Highest: 1265 - When I was diagnosed in the summer of 1986. Was in a coma for 3 days. MDs said that I should not have made it. Good for me that I enjoy proving people wrong. :slight_smile:
Low: 22 - Fall of 2001. Barely conscious and needed paramedics help plus a glucagon kit.

High - 380

Low - 32 - awake and walking.

Diagnosed at 1250 and in ICU for 3 days as well at age 11. Since then my highest was I believe 550, prepump.

Low was 18, barely functioning at WORK! Paramedics called after my eyes were rolling to the back of my head.

High = 1200 (in the hospital on IV steroids)
Low = 14 (also in the hospital,I was found found unconscious by my visiting husband)

what a stupid mistake!

good Idea,only if I had an iphone :slight_smile:

HIGHEST’'meter reads HIGH,meter can’t read over(pretty much over) 600,but once on hospita, 32,6mmols
LOWEST"meter reads LOW,meter can’t read less(sure it was pretty much less)20…

diagnosis 725
low 60