Looking to see wdw in blue lights in all parks starting nov15 to raise awareness!

My family will be arriving in Orlando FLA on November15,08 it is a celebration week for my 40th birthday. And also world diabeties day. I have been to WDW AND OTHER PARKS LOTS OF TIMES ! before. But for some reason I have a VISION THAT THIS WELL BE THE BIGGEST ADVENTURE and dream come true. To SEE all the parks in blue lights castle , tree of life and hat.And to celebrate my MAGICAL 40TH BIRTHDAY STAYING IN THE CASTLE. And being the parade. Well my other goal was accomplished this past weekend i raised over one thousand dollars for our walk team WE ARE ALL PUMPED UP! and money is still coming in. My vision board is full of visions that i would like to see come true before my 40th birthday. Well i accomplished one so far. DREAM REALLY DO COME TRUE WHEN YOU BELEIVE!!! I can not wait to see my friends at the magic kingdom and that includes christmas friends my favorites santa and my favorite reindeer no not rudolplh Dasher!

Wow. Congratulations on raisinig the $1000 in your walk. That really rocks. And I have November 15th written down for both your birthday and for world diabetes day. We will look forward to you coming back to tell us how beautiful everything was in all the blue lights a WDW. I hope you have a wonderful time.