What would you ask the candidates for US President?

What question in regards to diabetes would you ask the candidates (democrats and republicans) for US President? What would you like to hold them accountable for?

Federal funding of embryonic stem cell research is my number one issue (and not even just because of the whole “I stand to benefit greatly from it” thing!). Without trying to get too political, I actively resent the current administration’s attempts to block it.

I agree with Gabe. Well said Gabe.

I like that question, Gabe.

Let me give one more piece of information, to see if I can spark a little more interest in this topic among those who haven’t posted here yet. :slight_smile:

On Saturday, I received a message from someone in Anderson Cooper’s team (CNN) inviting me to submit a video question to (hopefully) be presented to the candidates in the debate. This was the result of THIS VIDEO, that I posted on YouTube in early June, in reply to a video Michael Moore posted asking people to submit their health system-related stories.

So, we have a voice and I would really like to make it a loud one and one that combines what you guys feel is the most important question we can ask that will benefit people with diabetes the most.


When I first saw this topic, the first (and only) term to come to mind was Embryonic Stem Cell Research. In my area of the US, this is a controversial issue. This is why I have not responded. To get this discussion “moving”, I would suggest presenting a list of diabetes realted topics to be addressed.

How about this:
-Funding for research initiatives (something broad, that doesn’t just focus on stem cell research) that will help find a cure for diabetes in the next 5-10 years? Maybe it can be made a goal for the US, like going to the moon was before the end of the sixties.
-Health System overhaul: universal insurance?

Please forgive me for being negative, or throwing up road blocks to your efforts:

Are those of us with diabetes united to backing a particular course of action to finding a cure? This will be very hard to do since diabetes does not have a particular political, moral, etc., ideology. Diabetes is fairly non-discriminatory, every one is welcomed.

I read an article several months ago where it reported that the number of people with Type 1 diabetes did not make it economically feasible for pharmaceutical companies to research and produce cure. It was more profitable to treat Type 1 than it was to cure it. I expect that the politicians, Republicans and Democrats are too beholden to (read: owned by) the pharmaceutical companies to really challenge them on this issue.

We, the Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics of the world, should stand united and demand that our leaders address our concerns. The bad news for the world is that the threat of diabetes, especially Type 2, is growing. The good news for us is that the threat of diabetes, especially Type 2, is growing. We can learn a lot from other groups that have not only demanded, but gained the attention and support from their leaders. In the U.S. I am thinking about such groups as the AARP and the Moral Majority. I am not suggesting that we agree with their agendas. I am suggesting that we examine their methods.

I don’t think that we will be taken seriously until we unite and speak with one voice.

That’s the goal of the Unite for Diabetes campaign. To unite all groups interested in the future of diabetes.

So, I want to ask our candidates: “What do you know about diabetes? Have you heard about the UN Resolution to fight diabetes? How willing are you to commit yourself to helping solve one of the greatest health care issues of our century?”

Hi Kelly:

Your comment: “That’s the goal of the Unite for Diabetes campaign. To unite all groups interested in the future of diabetes.” Have they been successful in that endeavor? Have they made any progress? Is there any evidence that they have been taken seriously by our politicians?

While workng in my office I normally have Fox News on. I also read a news magazine. While I may hear / read about diabetes as a health concern, I hear / read nothing about it as a political issue. The only candidate that has even mentioned diabetes is Mike Huckabee, Republican Governor of Arkansas. He lost over 100 pounds when he was diagnosed with Type 2.

Your questions are good questions.

I’d like to see, not an overhaul of our system leading to universal healthcare (which has it’s own problems), but an overhaul of the way insurance companies pay out and prioritize medical services. I don’t like that the companies are set up to pay more for the results from complications (like amputations, and bypass surgeries) than for the necessary preventative care. I read that some doctors (especially endocrinologists) have to limit their patient times to 15 minute increments to be able to afford their practice. You really need more time than that to treat a person, because that is where they get the motivation, knowledge and understanding to manage their own disease. If you changed the emphasis to keep people healthy, then you decrease the burden of expensive medical procedures later on, and people are living better lives. That is a win-win situation!

Unfortunately, I can believe that the low profitability of finding a cure could be getting in the way of having the deepest pockets standing behind such an initiative.

I think the IDF initiative is still a bit too young to judge one way or the other. I think they can appeal to a much wider audience than just the US, and the advantage of that is that, even if the cure isn’t found here, there’s still an excellent chance that -through wider exposure, involvement on our part to raise awareness, raise funds, etc.- it CAN be found elsewhere (brilliant doctors in the Canada, Australia, the UK and Brazil come to mind as the most recent achievers of advancements in this respect).

So, does it sound like we have a bit more of a consensus around the healthcare issue than we do around the cure for diabetes?

I agree, I would insist on revisions to the President’s policies regarding embryonic stem cell research on the date of inauguration. On top of that, I would also ask that they not let philosophy interfere with science, and this applies to not only stem cell research, but also the environment and a host of other issues the Bush administration has interfered with. Then, there is the little issue of healthcare coverage. I don’t want anyone who is afraid to challenge the status quo by only moving incrementally by covering only children, the poor, the elderly, I want to know what they are going to do in order to ensure every American is covered. Although Hillary is my own Senator, I can’t agree with her claims about battle scars from her last efforts meaning she can only make small, incremental moves … not a good enough answer if you want my vote for President!! Finally, I would also want to know how they are going to move the FDA away from its current policy of funding itself with user fees from the pharmaceutical industry which effectively funds the agency via the industry it is supposed to be policing … kind of like putting a fox in the henhouse, then we wonder why issues like Avandia occur?! Just look at how we’re paying for the agency to function!!

“For type 1, they’re going to say, “Oh, look at the poor little children. We must help them!” The JDRF takes advantage of this (which bugs me to no end, since I’m an adult with Type 1, but oh well.)”. I can’t agree with you more, RG! That bugs me to no end too, but an old type-1 geezer like me probably won’t help much as a poster boy! The type-1 children should be the image, especially when they have the most time to appreciate the benefit from research

Stem cell, stem cell, and more stem cell is number 1, at least on the diabetes question… Our President made the decision to block it twice. We need a president who won’t veto it. I already know the Senators from my home state and my Representative have consistently supported it.

I am hearing more people wanting to have a focus on Stem Cell. Good.

Any more opinions? I am planning on shooting the video-question tonight…

Here is the video:

Hello, everyone!
We are a day away from the Debate among Democratic Candidates for US President. I received word today through YouTube that Senator John Edwards announced he will answer the two questions with the most votes on CommunityCounts.us, during a live webcast following the debate.

Our video question on the position of candidates on Stem Cell Research (which you can view on this topic) is among the videos opting for this top spot. To vote for it, visit this page:
and click on “ANSWER” (the link with green background).

Let’s hope we make it to the TOP 2. Spread the word!!

Hey I agree with both of you! I’m a Type 1 too and so is my daughter! As mush as I hate to admit it she’s gorwn too! She will be 19 next month and I turned 44 in April! They need to reasearch this and find a cure so we can live longer and stem cell seems to be the only way for us!