What Would You Do?

I just got my shipment of medical supplies from Liberty Medical. The box included my Animas insets, Dexcom senors, and Animas cartridges. The box arrived in TERRIBLE condition. It was smashed on one side and the bottom of the box was partly open because Liberty had only secured it with a single then layer of packing tape!! When I opened the box several of supply boxes were clearly smashed and one of my Dexcom sensors was completely broke. My question is would you just send back the supplies that look damaged or would you completely refuse all the supplies in the box since they have been clearly compromised as well? I'm most worried about the Dexcom sensors. They are testy little boogers and I'm worried about them being messed up...even though they don't necessarily "look" damaged.

Hi PumpGirl. One possibility is to call Liberty and tell them about the shipment's condition. My guess is that they will suggest you send it all back, while replacing it. Hopefully! And if that's not their suggestion, then you could tell them that is what you definitely want.

I'd call Liberty Medical and report a damaged shipment and insist they make it right.