What's a good name for a diabetes blog?

My best friend was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last week and is really bummed. I wanted to get her a thoughtful gift (see my other discussion!), but then thought what better gift to give than the gift of knowledge! So, I'm starting a diabetes blog for her, that way she can have her own "library" of information right at her fingertips. Now, for a catchy name. Anyone have any ideas? What's a good name for a diabetes blog? Thanks!

Just to offer a little context ... Google search for "diabetes blog"

Just as I thought -- all the good names are taken! I'm at name.com right now, trying to think up a good name. It's not easy, diabetes is so popular, everyone has a blog these days. I wanted diabetesfriendly.com, for obvious reasons but it's taken. Thanks, though!