What's the lowest you've been?

2.5 mmol/L

my meter dispalys as far as 20
and i have seen many (LOW)wich means my bg is lower than 20
i am usually awake when that happens,i am hypo unware,so usually i catch those lows if i had to eat a meal,or felt little disorientation,guessing it’s around 60’s,and feel the shock to see a low :frowning:
only two times passed out :stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha ha
that really made me laugh :smiley:
fortunately me meter has a 8 digit number code or something,so no fear :wink:

same siruation here
about 300 before walking ,45 after,though i took insulin beforehand :slight_smile:

The first (and worst) time I go low BS I had tunnel vision just the same. I remember talking to the nurse but I could NOT take my eyes off of this part on a wall-- my eyes wouldnt move and I was completely zoning out. I went low last night (so low I didnt bother checking, I was so hungry) and my stomach was burning. That’s relatively new, so you’re right the symptoms are not always the same.

35 was my lowest and I don’t want to go down that road again . I think I would rather be shot than that…

Wow, after reading all the posts in this thread, I feel slightly better about my son’s lowest low. He is T1 and has been for a little over a year. He has been on OmniPod during almost all of this time (he is now 4) and have had good experiences with it.

I believe the lowest I have ever seen his was about 45 and it was OBVIOUS he was not feeling well. Very cranky, sleepy, lethargic, and WOULD NOT EAT anything. He also had the flu and was vomiting, so he did not want to eat or drink anything. We ended up holding him tightly and pouring honey in his mouth, which didnt help much. Finally ended up giving mini dose of glucagon (prepared the entire syringe and gave a few units of it). That worked long enough for us to get him to E.R. at Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth where he was admitted for 2 days (DKA).

I cringe at the idea of him having Hypo Unawareness. Right now we are checking him about 8-10 times a day on average.

im a type 1 and the lowest ive been was 27. i didnt feel it at all. i just checked before dinner and it was 27…i usually dont feel lows anyway though…

It’s unusual that he wouldn’t eat anything… based on my (very limited 2 week) experience, I could eat an entire cow when I go low blood sugar. It makes me hungrier than I’ve ever been. Do you think there is another factor that caused him to go low but NOT want to eat anything? Did the flu kill his appetite?

Wow, how fortunate we are that we are all still alive & to tell the story! My lowest was 21 & I was pregnant…I knew something was wrong & things started to go in & out. There was like a visual buzzing (does that make sense?). I felt so guilty for my baby-girl I kept apologizing to her & started crying. Sometimes I can’t even tell when my BS is low or high at times they feel the same other times I get the signal. Never boring that’s for sure.

If you have the CGM you can see the rate that it falls or goes up. I think many people will be amazed to see how quickly the BG falls and its the “rate” of the fall that gives you the hypo symptoms. Never second guess your body. If you are used to running around 400 and suddenly drop to 200 you feel like you are only 20 !!!
Its amazing. I have had times when my BG drops slowly and slowly and slowly and I end up at 40 something with no symptoms at all…then I can feel terrible, shaking, sweating, confused and my BG is 90 !!
Go figure.!!

For me - 1.2 (22) - managed to drag my body out of bed - confirm I was low (not sure why some of due this - for curiosity sake???) - then ate everything - came close to gnawing on the table legs (I’m Canadian - part beaver in my blood) . I was lower then that before about 7 years ago, where I was basically unable to move, and had to scream for help as my hubby was in the garage (it was on a Saturday morning - and he thought I was sleeping in - very unusual for me). I managed to somehow fall out onto the floor in the bedroom, and lucked in that he’d come in at that point to find me butt naked, requesting help. I’d never had a hypo like this before except maybe when I was young. I was so scared because my legs weren’t functioning, asked for the handset from hubby and called up 9-1-1 to ask what to do - a RN talked me thru’ what to do (and I was already doing it as she spoke) and said if things didn’t improve to get to the nearest ER (I detest hospitals with a passion). I really just needed someone at the other end to make me feel better (poor hubby isn’t sure even after all these years what to do - so I basically take care of myself most of the time in hypo state). Is it the same for some of you, where your mate/friends don’t really know what to do?

Wow Chris on the 14 - that’s REALLY low!

Yeah - Wicangawi - I get the visual buzzing - like my eyesight goes “blip blip” with lights - and you are trying so hard to remain “normal”. Yuppers on the apologizing - I’m always saying “I’m so sorry it’s the hypo”.

I rarely get hypos now since being on the pump, this is one of the reasons for my giving this machine a go, as I was having probs adjusting my basal rate with Lantus and having night hypos - and getting ready for work lows. Not fun at all.

I have a hard time trying to explain to people (non-diabetic) co-workers, family, hubby, what a hypo really is. I mean they know its a low blood sugar…but they don’t really “know” - because whenever I am low and need help, I rarely get it. My husband is totally deaf…and one time when I was so low I was having a seizure and was shaking the bed so violently he woke up. He called 911. He has given me the glucogon shot a couple of times, but usually its after I have managed to tell him to give it to me. I just don;t seem to get across to people that a low is really “serious” and you can die from it. Plus the fact it is such a HORRIBLE feeling. I always feel like “people” just don’t understand. I ask for juice sometimes and I just get a blank stare from people…or once my sister said “I don’t have any” and carried on doing what she was doing. ??? eh ??? BTW in 55 years, going on 56 years I have had quite a few “low’s” !! and Yes, I am glad I am around to tell the tale !!!

My machine said low below Low and I was still moving and made myself good to eat.lol

so far 37 which was on Sunday…yikes outta nowhere

Just last night, I was reading a news article online and my dex went off saying LOW. I checked with my meter, and it read 28. I stood up to get some juice, and second guessed myself, you know how it is…I said how can I be 28 when I am reading (and understanding what I’m reading) and walking around? I don’t know why it shocks me anymore that I can be so darn low and not feel it… I can sometimes feel it, and other times not. My doc told me it’s because I’ve been type 1 for over 20 years. It just happens. This dex is like my best friend who knows how I’m feeling even when I don’t!

My lowest: 2. (Your home meters don’t get down that low, but the paramedics’ meters do, so they can make you feel guilty and shock you about how you were in the single digits. Thanks, punks.) I’ve been 6 a couple times, and I think I hit 4 once, but 2 is my lowest. (Obviously, I was completely incapacitated at the time, but the paramedics told me later what I was, because they were shocked I was still alive. Ah, diabetes, I hate you.)

i am type 1 and my lowest was last month. I was taking a test in class I checked my bg before the test and it was 112 and before the end of the class I started feeling spacey. I went to hand in my test and I passed out in front of the whole class. Came to with EMT standing over me telling me I was going to be okay and that my bg was 10. That is my most recent low a 10.

I was doing a lot of yard work all day one day, went in to check my sugar, and was 23… i freaked out and checked again, and it came up with 20. I have no clue how it got that low, as i usually feel horrible below 40. It’s not too unusual for me to hit the low 30s though… i’ll wake up in the morning at 40 something more than i wake up normal. Something that i’m trying to work on, but it’s being tricky for some reason. I’m either high or low when i wake up :confused:

28 is my lowest… Was out on the driveway watching the kids ride their bikes… Almost passed out, but made it into the house.

Recently I had a low of 46 and thought I was going to have to call the ambulance. My husband helped me out and all was fine. I ending up drinking OJ and then a Sprite. My stomach felt horrible afterwards and I just curled up on the couch…