What's your experience with Omnipod for your children ? Good/Bad/Ugly

Hi Guys ,

My 1.9y daughter is a new T1D & were considering Omnipod as her first pump.

what's your experience with omnipod on your own children ?

Do you think its suited for toddlers & young children ?

We're brand new to the pump business , Please help !

I dont have any children but there is a subgroup on TU called "Omnimoms & Omnipops" for people with childre on the pod, I suggest you check it out for some answers/insights. Good luck, and PEACE.

Our son, 7, uses the Omnipod. He has had it for over two years and we love it. No tubing, easy to use, and so very cool. I highly recommend for little ones. The only drawback would be that the pods, as opposed to sites for a tube pump, are big for a toddler.
Great customer service from Omnipod, and much more affordable than a traditional pump.
Best wishes!

Hi Laura,

what cgm do you use& recommend?

tnk for your valuble inputs.

We are just now looking at a CGM, Dexcom. No experience yet!