What's your favorite diabetes app?

I'm putting a diabetes blog together for my best friend who was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She's all about gadgets and has a smart phone. All I have is a plain old dinky flip phone in case of emergencies. I don't know the first thing about smart devices or apps. I don't think I've ever seen one (an app, not a smart device!). So, if she ever asks, I was hoping you could help me out -- what are some of YOUR favorite diabetes apps? I need the inspiration! She's a really dear friend! Thanks so much!

Gee, I'm on my phone constantly and never thought about a diabetes app. :) The only thing I use is Carelink for Enlite data but that wouldn't be what you are asking about.

https://mysugr.com has also an app, and it is by far the best i have ever used!
those people developing it are all PWD, and this app is basically all you need to take care of your diabetes logbook wise, and the printouts are pretty good too.
i cant tell you how much i love this app and how much it has changed my diabetes management! huge fan here ;)

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Android or iPhone?

Thanks anyway. I'm not very tech savvy, so I really wouldn't know what you're talking about! But, I'm sure it's helpful...whatever it is! Wow, that makes me sound so old! And, I'm actually not that old! I think I'll look it up, though. It might be something we both can benefit from!

I'm just going to take everyone's word for it at this point, because I'm not familiar with apps. All my flip phone does is make phone calls, so I wouldn't know an app if it fell in my ... lap! Here's a question for you: How do I check out an app if I don't have a smart phone? Oh, and, is this app free? Hmmmmm, I think I'll do some research later today. Thank you!

She has an iPhone. I'm not into gadgets, but I know there's an Apple logo on her phone and it has a large screen compared to my flip phone and she uses her thumbs a lot! I bought an ebook reader when they first came out but couldn't get the scroll function to work for me and sold it! Never picked one up, again! It never really dawned on me to ask her because I'm not into these things, but I've heard people talking about diabetes apps; thought I'd ask! She takes her phone with her everywhere! Thanks!

well, you can go to the link i gave you above ( https://mysugr.com ) there you can also log your BG, it is basically an online version of the app. just click onto "free trial", and here you go!
The basic app is for free. I used the free version for a long time, and then, when i was satisfied with it, i bought the full version. the only advantage the full version has, is that you can print out your log book or send it to your endo. it is not mandatory, but an advantage i like and am happy to pay for :)

Oh, well, there you go! I'm going to check it out soon as I can. Thanks, again!

If she is using insulin pens and not an insulin pump, the app called Rapid Calc is really good. Link here: http://www.gilport.com/rapidcalc/index.html. It keeps track of everything a pump does for you including “Insulin On Board” (IOB).

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Check out Figwee.

@swisschocolate, if we use MDI, does mysugr.com app calculate IOB?

I wonder how these things work, in the event of ever having to go off the pump and back to MDI? Sometimes it sounds like a nice idea!

as far as i know, mysugr doesn’t calculate IOB, @lh378

well i am no techy and still have a flip phone, but i just got my new G5 transmitter and receiver in the mail today (a saturday, no less!! ). i am going to try and get it all hooked up and then i will think about buying myself an iPhone. all i wanted when i bought the G5 was greater accuracy. but the way you guys are all talking about the “apps” w/ such enthusiasm i might just go for it and buy the fancy phone. BTW, doesn’t an iPhone have a lot of funky gadgets on it so you can do a million different things besides talk and monitor your BGs and trends?

News, weather, YouTube, instant message, calculator, contacts info, reminder lists, calendar, clock/timer and camera are some of the basic things an iPhone can do. There are literally thousands upon thousand of specialized apps you can buy, and many are free.

Hello everyone. I am also interested in this. I am a Type 2 diabetic and changed my life and want to help others. So, I am creating a Mobile App too. When I first started my thing was learning about reading the nutrition information on packages and most people do not know how much time Diabetics have to take to read all of the information. And what is the most important information? So, I am developing an App that helps with that. From creating your Grocery List to purchasing your groceries at the store. But, most apps now are just electronic versions of the pen and paper. My theory is how can we have a system where the app knows you are a diabetic. I don’t want to advertise. I just want to obtain beta testers and try to make people’s lives better. And hey I am trying to start a company, but, my main mission is to help people.

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