What's Your favorite Diabetic Snack?

there’s a serious lack of diabetic friendly stuff like sugar free syrup here in singapore. but you gave me an idea…i might try stirring in a teaspoon of the sugar-free fruit spread i have with toast sometimes. it’s got whole berries in it and it’s all natural stuff. should taste pretty good, i reckon. :slight_smile:

Dear Chris
Hi . I find that a Granola bar ,some peanuts, and a small quantity of salad , followed by a glass of skim milk, takes the edge off my hunger. It is also quite filling. I, usually have it just before exercise in the evening.
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Sounds like a tasty snack. Out of curiosity, why do you say a small amount. Is this just your preference or do you know something I don’t about salad?

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Hey Chris,
I eat apples and penutbutter(the sugar free on of course) You can also use celery sticks.
Good Luck choosing

I like to have a string cheese (low fat) and a motts country berry unsweetened applesauce

beef jerky, in moderation (so tasty, but all that salt!)

An apple sliced very thin (it just tastes better than wedges) and some peanut butter off the spoon.

here’s a new one. something i just discovered over the weekend, in fact. i found these corn crispbreads at the supermarket, marketed by the brand, real foods. they are 97% fat free, gluten free and best of all, pretty low carb at 4 grams of carb per piece. they’re not very thick and are perhaps 3-4inches in diameter. i ate two as an afternoon snack and there wasn’t any significant increase in my bg. they’re crispy already, but i topped mine with half a slice of low fat cheese each and popped them into the toaster to melt the cheese a bit. boy it was really good, like a slightly less guilty version of crackers and cheese! i’m planning to try it with peanut butter too. they also have rice crisps, which are equally low fat and low carb. i am so going to give those a try too!

here’s a new one. in fact, i just discovered this over the weekend! :slight_smile:

i found these great corn crispbreads at the supermarket the other day and decided to give them a go. they’re marketed by the brand ‘real foods’ and there is a rice version as well. they’re 97% fat free, gluten free and pretty low carb at 4.1 grams of carbohydrate per disc, which is roughly 1/4 inch in thickness (maybe a bit thinner…) and 3-4inches in diameter.

i find that having 2 of them makes a tasty snack. i top each with half a slice of low fat cheese and pop them into the oven toaster for 2-3 minutes to let the cheese melt. i guess you can do that with a microwave too. it comes out slightly crispier with warm melted cheese on top, and it’s delicious, substantial and a less sinful indulgence than full-on crackers and cheese. maybe you could top it with other things like tuna salad or peanut butter and i reckon it’ll still be just as tasty.

Personally, I’m a fan of cheese (although not everyone is), and I’ve found the variety of individually-wrapped and sized cheese sticks and pieces has expanded dramatically in recent years. My personal fav are the Sargento Chipotle Cheddar Sticks, but I’m not sure if they’re available nationwide. The website has nutritional info. available, but the key is that each stick has 1 gram of carb, and is 80 calories (75% of which is derived from fat, but mostly unsaturated).

Cucumber “sandwiches” : I chop up some smoked salmon (you can get it pretty cheap if you buy the scraps instead of a whole piece) and mix in cream cheese. Spread it on a piece of cucumber and add another slice on top. There’s about 2g carbs in the cream cheese and nothing in the rest and it keeps me from craving bagels!

Mine honeatly is carrots and if you can find a low fat Ranch dressing that makes them even better.

Truly “favourite” would be a dreamy sugar-dipped English doughnut filled to bursting with stickily drippingly gorgeous raspberry jam. I haven’t had one of them since before I was diagnosed four years ago.

So oatcakes with humous it is. The humous just about makes me think they’re edible. “Favourite” is pushing it a bit.

Never bananas. The devil’s own crazy slow-carb-release sugar-spikey-plummetting madness.

Coke Zero followed by more Coke Zero.

My favorite snack is a mug of homemade chai tea with sugar-free vanilla syrup and a slice of wholewheat toast with sugar-free raspberry jam. I also love Trader Joes Tofutti Cuties which is like an ice cream sandwich, their vege chips and cilantro/jalapeno hummus. I also like whole grain cinnamon Sun chips!

CocoaVia chocolate covered almonds. They come in a box of 5 x 1 oz packets with 12g carb (3g fiber). I find they are great for when I am exercising as they keep my BG pretty steady. I get them at my local grocery store in the health food section.

Bringing this discussion back to the top. :smiley:

What about at work? What kinds of things do y’all keep at work for those moments when the hunger pangs strike, but it’s not break or lunch time?

I try to keep the pre-packaged cheese sticks/slices in the work frig, and fruit (apples, grapes – which I prefer cold), but can’t always get away from my desk to get them. I have dry-roasted, unsalted peanuts, and also some kind of “dieter’s” trail mix I pick up at Wal-Mart in the fresh food area…

I work in the bibliographic (i.e., cataloging and proccesing of books) department of an academic library – I handle books often, some times old and rare, but even new ones we don’t want to damage with crumbs or grease…

anyway… the topic hasn’t come up in two months, and I thought I’d see if any one has new products or favorites.

GG Scandinavian bran crackers with fresh-ground peanut butter

Greek yogurt with ground flax and some raspberries

A kashi roll - one of the chocolate varieties

nuts - the bulk ones at Whole Foods have got me really spoiled

Joseph’s Bakery flax wraps - more for lunch than a snack, but couldn’t live without them


I’ve never seen the Da Vinci brand in my area. Are they liquid flavorings for drinks?

I like to snack on a few pieces of turkey pepporoni, a slice of cheese or a cheese stick and maybe a few crackers.

Hi Chris,
Snacks that I like include, cottage cheese, soy yogurt, home made fruit /protein smoothies, veggie bites (celery,broccoli,carrot,squash), low fat cheese cubes, fresh fruit (apple, pear, naval oranges, strawberries), canned lite fruits,sweet potato chips, home made mixed nuts, (dry roasted, no salt, peanuts, almonds, and cashews), chocolate ice cream, oatmeal cookie, Special K Bars, and MacDonalds Hot Fudge Sundae.

Of course there are all kinds of things that can go with the above, dips for the veggies, (low fat ranch dressing), mustard for the cheese cubes, Some snacks can be combined, cottage cheese or yogurt with canned fruit and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Portion control can be regulated by getting the 4 oz single cup servings of cottage cheese, yogurt, and canned lite fruits
I like to keep a snack in the 16 to 20 Carbs range.

Check blood sugar before and 2 hrs after your snack to see where they take you. Good luck.