What's you're sugars?

don’t mind me asking just want to know ther peoples morning sugars ! this morning mine was 358 !

93 when I woke up
258 after I ate a bagel. Boo…

Apidra needs to be even faster!

neither ! but wow i didnt know changing sites before bed would effect it

I was 286 at 9:30am But I blame that on a very late dinner… Crap!!

i woke up at 94. and… i’m actually gonna find out my post-breakfast bg right now.

  1. MAN! i hate when that happens. i actually know why i’m high, though. i ate a bunch of coolwhip at breakfast time… because it was so good. lol.

i think it might be stress i have had ALOT happen in the past two months

71 when i woke up, 93 after i ate

111 in the middle of the night. Woke up at 104 and then 98 after breakfast. Not great because three hours later down to 54 then 76 after 20 grams of carbs. But these numbers are pretty average for me.