Have you lost some high and low awareness after starting the pump?

I’ve been on the pump under a month and have noticed that i’ve become more dependant on my meter. Before the pump I’d feel a high blood sugar because I’d feel thirsty, tired etc. I’d feel a low because i’d get sweety and disoriented. But since starting on the pump I’m not feeling symptoms as much. I’ve “felt low” checked and it was high. I’ve “felt high” ad it’s been normal or low. This almost never happend before I starting pumping.

Has anyone else had experiences like this after starting on the pump?

I always feel blood sugars over 170. The thirst and frequency of urination is unmistakable. That said, sometimes I will wake up in the morning very thirsty, ■■■■ like 2 gallons, and then test my blood sugar and find it is 91. That was today, actually. What I lack is the ability to discern how high it really is, once it gets over 225 or so.

Hypoglycemia unawareness has set in to some degree. It isn’t consistently a problem, but it happens enough that I know I can’t depend completely on my own sense of what my blood sugar might be.

I don’t think the pump has anything to do with it in my particular case. You and I have had diabetes almost the same amount of time (I was diagnosed in Nov '94) and I know this sort of problem can often arise over the long-term. I think this is, unfortunately, just another part of diabetes we have to learn to live with. For me, the answer was to start on CGMS. So far, so good!

I have lost my low awareness but as far as high’s goes, I feel mine when my blood sugar hits 150 as I am rarely over 120 so the highs hit me at a lower number now.

They say when you start on the pump you don’t have the mind blowing reactions that you did on injections.It is very subtle.I feel my low sugars sometimes but you have to pay close attention because the feelings sometimes can be mistaken by other things.I have lost some of my awareness to lows being diabetic for 23 years.I now find I get feelings when I was high.Nauseous,light headed.

Since I’ve been on my pump (3 mos) I don’t become symptomatic when I have my lows. I usually don’t start feeling a little “weird” until I’m in the low 50’s. This does concern me because I used to get low ALOT at night when sleeping, but now it seems like it’s early in the am, when I’m waking up anyway, so I can take care of it.

The symtoms for my highs have changed somewhat as well - I feel high when I’m not really that high.

So, my conclusin is that since I’m under much better control, the symptoms have become “lighter”.