When hypo, what do you do?

I know when I’m hypo, I enjoy being able to eat some sweets or chocolate, does anyone else have any treats that they look forward to having? Not at all saying that you should look forwrad to hypo’s though!

Well, as I eat my through my mid-afternoon hypo, I have these wonderful potato chips, honey dijon and they’re kettle style, but have too many carbs just to sit and eat them without being low.


Nope, I consider hypoglycemia a medical condition which I treat with 2-4 glucose tablets. That way I avoid the temptation to overtreat by eating something tasty and then go high.

I have that problem too Zoe .

aha same :slight_smile:
I have the little Dextrose tablets that I use alot but it’s always nice to know that you can say eat a chocolate digestive without feeling the need to test your sugar about 10 mins later =]
I’m not in any way saying that hypo’s are good are that you should have a chocolate feast or anything!

wow those sound good :slight_smile:
I get to have a biscuit. Yay. :stuck_out_tongue:


No nuts, chips, or icing required/wanted.

As Homer Simpson would say

Juice! Once in a while a pop tart or muffin…mmmmmm!!

haaa :slight_smile:
omg Ben and jerry’s Brownie ice cream it was my favourite ice cream now I can’t have it :’(
I nearly cry thinking of it!! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

mm the juice and muffin sound good, but what’s a pop tart? :S

ahh that’s clever :slight_smile: I’m one of the very few people who actually cannot stand coke or many other fizzy drinks so i don’t miss them :slight_smile:

Me too, Zoe. The only thing I ever use for treating lows is juice. Most “goodies” also have fat, which slows carb absorption. When I’m low, my only concern is getting back to a normal range.

oh wow! Sounds guuuurd :slight_smile:
Why do they not have those over here?! :frowning:

Canned Mandarine Oranges! I keep half a can in a tupperware in the fridge at all times… my away-from-home treat is smarties! three rolls of sugary perfection to get me back on track. My biggest problem is telling everyone “no” when I’m eating them!

I also have mandarine oranges (bottled though…) And yes…smarties or skittles. Sometimes I can get away with a bite of Snicker bar. (Its alctually not necessary but I just love Snickers LOL)

haaa :slight_smile: ooh the smarties sound great! Hadn’t thought of the madarines tho :slight_smile: Very healthy :slight_smile:

I agree with Dave and Zoe, treating a hypo is the same as a bolus, not a pleasure or reason for indulgance. I do however, eat almost all of the food mentioned here as normal foods that are covered, in moderation, by normal boluses.

Skittles (hard), Sour Patch (soft) and Swish Fish (soft) are packaged in little bags at holloween and easter just for diabetics. At least that is what I think when I buy them in bunches at that time of the year. The amount of sugar is measued and is alot better taisting and easier to store than tabs.

Quite right. Chocolate is NOT a reasonable thing to use for hypos since the fat can slow absorption so much that it doesn’t raise bg until AFTER your liver releases an overdose of glycogen to bring it back up, THEN the chocolate finally adds a high dose of glucose which drives you even higher.

Have heard from many diabetics over the last 23 years I’ve been online that ended up at 400 mg/dl or higher when they tried chocolate or other high fat foods to correct hypos. Best thing to have is juice, regular soda pop or other liquid with dissolved sugar in it, second choice candy or glucose tables that take a while to get fluid.

also very high carb.
i like to eat as little as possible to get my sugar up, and the oranges are great for that. Just hve to make sure to get them out of the can: nothing sucks worse than trying to open a tin can with your sugar in the 40s

they sell them in little plastic cups now, whihc i suppose would work…they dont sell those at costco though!

I try to mix it up. If I’m home and haven’t had enough dairy for the day I’ll do a cup of skim milk. Out and about I stick with the small boxes of juicy juice or candy corn (my current favorite). The candy corn I have indicates it is 2 grams of carb per corn and it is easy to count.

I used to do gluco-tabs but they are so chalky I end up coughing and they are pretty pricey. Have you guys seen the Dex4 gluco bits…1 gram of carb per bit. Also pricey BUT I love the container they are in. I bought one bottle, used them and saved the bottle and store my candy corn or skittles or whatever in. It has a screwcap so it is easy to refil and a pop top that reveals a wide mouth opening so bigger candy falls out pretty well.