When will we have a cure?

I am so tired of it. somedays Im more tired of it than others. just a minute ago my BG was 228, I feel tired and all I want to do is give up, but ive come this far to not give up. I just keep thinking of those who would miss me if I were gone. I still wish I could wake up one day and not have to worry if I had enough to eat, or if I had enough insulin. it’s frustrating.

Melissa, smile for me. I’m smiling can’t you see? You should see me when I’m in a grumpy mood. Give me a hug with your smile.

I had the summer from hell with diabetes. I was going through all kinds of highs and lows. I could not get on target, my endo gave me some meds that just made things worse. So when I was younger I would pick a summer theme song to deal with all the crazy mess so I pass my summer song on to you. I play it over and over until the message sinks in and makes me feel better. My summer song is Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds. It is funny how a song can motivate and make us feel better.

take care, there is always tomorrow

That’s exactly how i feel!
today at school i got in trouble because my pump beeped during a test.
I am sick of diabetes, and i was almost in tears.
If you want you could sponsor me? I’m going on a walk to raise money to find a cure… the company is jdrf…they say with sufficient funding, a cure will be found in the next 5 years! I would love a cure before I’m 20…
the link is : http://walk.jdrf.org.au/teamParticipant.asp?participantID=1897
but you don’t have to sponsor me to walk if you don’t want to.

Hannah the hospital said to me in 1997 when i was diagnosed a cure would be available in 5 years which would of been 2002 and still look NO CURE! sorry hannah not being mean to u oh and good luck on the Walk for a Cure i will be doing it next year

Oh…really? in 1997!
well…maybe i shouldn’t get my hopes up. :frowning:
good luck for your walk…

A cure? And kill the goose that laid the golden egg? There’s too much money to be made on supplies, medications and the like for there to be a cure. Personally, I would love for there to be a cure. I spent five years working for a pharmacy benefits provider, and I’ve seen how much money is going to companies for testing strips, insulin, metformin, and everything else that helps support us all. If there’s a cure, the cost will be prohibitive - because curing it means that they won’t be able to bleed us for any more money.

lol, I’ve been hearing that the cure is “just around the corner” since 1970… I’ll believe it when I toss my last bottle of insulin in the firepit along with my test strips, meters…

I have been hearing it since 1989, the year I was diagnosed.