Where did my good numbers go?

I'm having a bit of a numbers issue. For the past few days, my most excellent morning/daily blood glucose readings of 100> have started to climb...along with every other reading.

I keep a food/bg reading log and I'm going to share today's thus far in the hopes that someone can help make some sense.

10/06/10 Wednesday:

-3:38a (I have insomnia)- 95 *good!*

-4:55a before meal- 125

Breakfast; 1 egg fried with 1/2 tsp. of coconut oil, 4 morningstar farms breakfast links, 2 cups of

coffee w/sweet&low and unsweetened nut creamer Total carbs: 7grams

-10:44a after meal- 156

-11:51a before meal- 142

Lunch; green leaf lettuce salad w/ 2 T shredded mozzarella, 2 slices deli ham and olive oil

drizzled on top. Total carbs: 6 grams

-2:10p after meal- 132

medication: 38 units of Levemir each night, Janumet 50/500mg 2x daily, glimepiride 4mg 2x daily

Yes, I'm really cutting back on carbs...could that be affecting my blood glucose readings? Yes, I'm not sleeping as well as I could be. Yes, I've not been feeling at the top of my game lately. All contributing factors, I'm sure, but I just don't understand why the sudden ( past few days) change.

Any insight and/or suggestions would be most appreciated.


may be just a one off but those numbers are pretty good still (less than 140 2hr after a meal) stuff that can raise your numbers - getting sick, stress (possibly also cause of the insomnia) and caffeine

How long have you been cutting the carbs? If you’ve just begun, then you definitely won’t feel very good especially with the small amount you list. Also, how much time between meals? Did you eat at 4:55 a.m., then no food until noon? I notice that if I go too long between meals, more than four hours, my numbers will increase. It could also be the insomnia contributing. There are many factors that affect blood sugar (infection, insomnia, too little food), but if it keeps up, you may want to ask your doc?

Have you been tested for LADA? You could have an autoimmune attack going on in your pancreas and things have changed.

Agree with Jane M, you should get in if this keeps up as these BG numbers are trending higher.

Sorry, I meant to add more but I lost my connection.
I’ve been cutting carbs, more seriously, for almost 2 months. I’ve done this in the past and was preparred for the “withdrawl”.
As for time inbetween meals…usually 2 or maybe 3 hrs. I had a snack at 4pm; a granola bar and a couple slices of deli ham (craving the salt) and a cup of coffee. Dinner was at 6:30pm and it was NOT low carb (I met a friend and we went Peruvian).

The insomnia is a result of time change/work-related stress/depression/recent health issues. Yeah…more than a few contributing factors.

The autoimmune thing is something I’ve had a problem with for sometime.

I think you guys are right…I need to put a call in to the doctor.


Hi, I don’t know if this applies to you are not, but my basals change seasonally. The need goes up in the fall, reaching a peak mid-winter, and then they go down in the spring, reaching a low mid-summer. I am sure this is independent of activity. I’ve spoken to others that have noted the same thing happening, and read it here on TuD.

According to your profile you’ve been T2 for like 12 years now, right? Your pancreas just might be finishing pooping out, just plain not producing enough insulin. Maybe you need additional shots? I’m not on insulin but if Levemir is basal maybe you need bolus?

I think the doctor visit is a very good idea, Janet and the only additional advice I would add is to make sure they know why you are coming in so that you can take any special actions like fasting before the visit.\

Good luck and let us know what happens!


Well, after a brief phone conversation with my doctor, it was agreed I’d do some adjustments to my Levemir dosage. That seems to have done the trick…for now.

I’m back to my 100> readings.

The doctor did mention, however, that she wished we had started the insulin treatment earlier. She’s not the only one.
We’re also keeping the idea of using a bolus insulin in the picture as a possibility in the near future.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with my very noob questions. While I may have been dealing with diabetes for 12 years, it seems I still have so very much to learn.