Where do you wear your pod and CGM

I have a question about where people are wearing their pods / cgm…

I just got diagnosed and want to get back into my exercise routine. I have seen many people wear them on the underside of the upper arm, I am wondering if you can lift weights or do pull ups with this mounted there?

I am in the process of getting the omnipod and lifestyle navigator (yes I know, I will be a cyborg...), I feel this is the ONLY way to work out hard, without killing myself with low blood sugars....

Thanks for your help

my understanding is that you can wear them pretty much anywhere a traditional pump set can be worn - arm, abdomen, thigh, upper buttocks. i’ve even worn my sites around on my back.

Team Type 1 is a group of cyclists with type 1 diabetes, who wear the Abbott Freestyle Navigator CGM, Omnipod insulin delivery system, and Apidra - the ones i’ve met tend to wear the navigator and omnipod in opposite arms (i think it’s the tricep area)

but as a general rule of thumb, you don’t want the insertion cannula to reside in the muscle tissue, that increases the risk of kinks and absorption idiosyncracies.

I wear both the pod and the Navigator. I wear the navi only on the backs of my arms (it wasn’t comfortable for me on my stomach). I do a lot of endurance cardio (cycling, running, and swimming) with some weights mixed in. I have no issues w/ the cannula or sensor hitting muscle. The other place I wear the pod a lot is on my love handles (the flanks, where the kidneys sit, just right off the inferior margin of the rib cage). Again, no issues w/ it there when I’m working out either.
Wearing the pod on the back of your arm is an adjustment (I didn’t realize how close to the door frame I passed until I started wearing the pod and was continuously “knocking” it on the wood as I walked passed), but it’s definitely something you can adjust to.
And despite being way cyborged out when I have both items up and running, I am thankful for the functionality of both, so it’s well worth it for me (especially to see my numbers trending when I’m doing all of that cardio).
Good luck with getting both of these items!

Depending on what I’m doing with weights is what decides it for me. If I’m doing upper body weights I have put the pod on my calf. Most of the time I put it on my arm. Both inside and on the from part om my arm next to the pocket in my shoulder. There it is not on the side so I do not need to pay too much attention to the door frames.

Pretty much the same areas as Bradford for me. I wear my Nav on the backs of my arms (unless I am getting dressed up for something and want to be sleeveless - which is rare lately - then I’ll wear my Nav on my butt). I wear my pods mainly on my back and butt, occasionally giving those areas a break and using lovehandles/upper abdomen/legs.

my biggest issue with wearing the (minimed) sensor on my arms was dressing/undressing - i’ve pulled out 4 or 5 sensors over the past year just by being careless or in a rush to get dressed.

I don’t work out anywhere near your intensity, but I do walk alot on a route with some hills. I feel much safer with my CGM, so I know if I going hypo and need to grab glucose tablets or cut my walk short. I am at a point in my life that I don’t care if I am a cyborg. My pod and my dex gave me back a reasonably normal life.

Thank you everyone for your feedback, I think I will tape a couple of them to me to see how they do sleeping, working out etc…

It seems you can be very active without disturbing them…

I get the POD Friday!!! I am so excited… Insurance covered it 100%!!! Navigator to follow…

join the club…i wear the omnipod on my stomach area and the CGM on my arm. something is always sticking to me:-)

I switch between the upper back of my arms…I golf with no problem with them located there. I forget I have a pod on me when I am sleeping.

I will give my arms a rest for a few pod changes and use my stomach area…usually more towards the side.