Suggestions for something to carry the pump

Hi all,

I have been using “the leg thing” sold by animas and although I like it, I have relatively thin legs and I find that it doesn’t take very long before it gets too stretched out and will slip down my leg as I walk. I have heard people mention the SPI but my issue with that is that it’s meant for your ankle I believe so it wouldn’t be wide enough for my leg. I do use the belt clip when wearing shorts, but I don’t prefer it because I sit at a desk all day and it sort of just digs into me. Also, I am not a fan of the bulge that the pump creates! Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions please pass them along.


I often use a bandeau bra, smaller than my actual bra size around my waist and tuck the pump in there. It also allows me to wear dresses easily. I do have to go somewhere private to punch buttons, but it's worth it to me. I like dresses - especially in the hot summer. I also found the thigh or leg thing to not stay up if I am active.

I use the leg thing. It was huge for me so I cut it to the right diameter and sewed it. I put the leg thing on my ankle over one of those sports sweat-absorber-thingees.

That’s not a bad idea about cutting it and sewing it. I just can’t believe that they don’t make it with velcro so it can be sized properly!

Both Medatronic and Accu-Check make bra/pant pockets that are wonderful. My favorite is the Roche (Accu-Check) bra/pant pouch first made/distributed by Disetronic. I wouldn’t trade mine for ANY other holder/clip/pouch, etc. (and I’ve tried them all).
Just google Roche or Medatronic bra pouch for the different kinds. (Different supply companies carry them, but the best $ I’ve found is directly from Roche.
They’ll fit almost any pump.