Where IS Shoshana? (She's back now!)

I know this came up before, and that Shosh didn’t migrate with the rest of us to the new host (or new platform or whatever you want to call it), but has anyone been able to contact her?

I very much miss her and have started to worry about her…


@shoshana27 did make it to the new platform but hasn’t posted since September. You could try to message her.

Thank you, Brian, I will do that!

Maybe if a whole slew of us (*there should be a term for a group of PWDs, including Type 3’s such as myself, along the lines of “pack” of wolves, “gaggle” of geese, “herd” of horses, “business” of meerkats, “flamboyance” of flamingos, etc.) started messaging her, repeatedly if necessary, she would be touched (or bothered) enough to return… Come on, let’s do it!

*How about a “poke” of PWDs?

At one point we had a “care team” that would greet new members, wish people a happy birthday and check on members. We lost some of that with the transition and many of us would like to figure out how to do that again. If you have any ideas or want to volunteer that would be great.

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Consider me volunteered. I am about a 67.38% on the Great Scale of Computer Literacy, however, and will undoubtedly require assistance. Like a way to check on who has recently joined and who has been inactive for an arbitrary period of time, etc. Could you please put me in touch with whomever might be willing to grant me this access?

@shoshana27 has been living in a rehab facility for a few months now. She had some terrible pain in her hip and I believe it required surgery. She is off and on Facebook, but not nearly as often as before.

We miss her terribly and hope she is recuperating.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:


I had actually gone to check her profile yesterday to check because I’d noticed she hadn’t posted for a while, so I’m glad someone brought this up. My impression has been that she’s a more frequent Chat user than Forum poster, but I was concerned too. Hope she’s recuperating well–if you have any way to let her know we’ve been asking after her, please pass that along!

In keeping with the blue circle, how about a “circle”?

Of course, you might also consider DUDS. That would be a Division of United Diabetics and Supporters …

i be happy to, volunteer to,.

I’m sorry to hear that… I hope she is ok and recovering.

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I’m loving “circle”. A circle of PWD sounds warmly descriptive of the camaraderie and support I’ve found here on TuD.


Sarah, do you by any chance have the name/city and/or address of the rehab facility and, if so, would you feel comfortable PM’ing me with it? Because I’d like to send Shoshana a real, “non-virtual/hard copy” card.

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i don’t know this, Shoshana, but i can tell, she is a good person,.

YES!..I know what these places are like—and even the best ones, it is wonderful to get distractions like cards or flowers or little plants! I’d love to do this, too!


Hah—here’s something else we might work on—I responded to your post about the old care team with that simple, enthusiastic yes—I figured you’d know what I was saying. Then I got a box saying more characters–okay–that’s happened—I just typed a lot more periods which is actually an image I use a lot anyway (sort of an indicator of wanting to keep the conversation open…)

But then I got a box saying “Could I be a little more descriptive”…Now that one creeped me out—not even sure why. Maybe because you and I have communicated a lot over the years and I didn’t like a robot telling me we couldn’t understand each other’s shorthand…Sorry. Maybe I’m just being a crotchety old lady…Blessings my friend…I did like the care team,

was the care team, before i found tud, ?.

if it was, oh well, i already love tud, & the people on it,.

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Thank you Sarah—as requested below—Is there an address?..xx000

It didn’t move over to the new platform, @erice…It was a lovely feature. There was always a group of volunteers who were joyfully tasked with making sure every new member felt embraced. And we would also call attention to troubled members so that more folks could check in to support them. I was on it for a little while until family difficulties made it hard for me to participate.

If Brian says that our wonderful Admin Team is working on a way to bring The Care Team back, then you can be sure it will be back eventually. You might enjoy being on the team then. It is a very rewarding volunteer opportunity!..And by the way, even without a formal designation, all you need to do as you settle in here, is start noticing posts from new members and then welcome them in that first post! The rewards are good feelings which can “make your day” at times, as well as the new member’s…Blessings…


i will like, to volunteer for it, i do love to volunteer, thanks for telling me about it,.

guess, i will like being on the team,.

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@Judith_in_Portland @meee, I will see if I can get her address. Stay tuned.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover: