Missing members

The thread trying to catch up with Shoshona has got me thinking about several other members. Thought we should start a combined thread to cross-connect and see if any of us knows what’s going on with some of our missing members.

Does anyone keep in touch with @Dave26? I always enjoyed his input but he seemed to pretty suddenly drop off the forum months ago-- I’ve sent him a couple PMs but hadn’t heard back-- hope he is well.


I miss @Dave26’s posts, too. Not sure if it’s the new platform, but that seems to have led to many people leaving TuD. Although, I’ve been here since 2007 and, even before the new platform, some members would stick around for a few years and then move on. Hope all those who have dropped off are doing well.

i have saw, some, are Missing,.

maybe there to busy or something, hope they come back,.

Are you referring to Pancake and Bacon Dave? Haven’t seen him in a while and I’ve been in the mood to discuss bacon again…

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Yeah, that’s the guy.


there was someone, who name was Bacon Dave, ?.

I recall he said he was going to the DiabetesUnconference (diabetesunconference.com, almost full,according to a post this evening!) so perhaps we’ll encounter him there. There was one guy who popped into the FB feed and shared when he was arriving who looked like a potential match but I wasn’t sure. I fired a like at his post but it didn’t sparkle so I’ll have to see if we meet him there!

I always refer to missing members as GhostMembers in my head. And when people unearth threads full of old dialogues, I refer to them as GhostThreads. The first one I still remember was MeaganLynn77 at the ADA forums. She coined the term “endorcrinologist” [I think this was a typo, as she seemed rather “nice”, in the sense that she wouldn’t have been the sort of person to use a term like “endork”] which I quickly abbreviated to endork but then disappeared. She had an interesting story, seemed to be sharp, Dukie, but had family that seemed somewhat unsupportive of Dtravails but then she disappeared. That was in 2008! That’s certainly a sad thing about online communitying. If our buddies take off, they can be long gone!


@BadMoonT2 was an active participant on last April’s bacon thread, too. Anybody seen him around lately?

i wish, i knew all of them,.

from what, i can tell, they are all good people,.

I guess it’s like any community. People come and go and most people don’t make a big deal out of it when they leave. I worked a job for 25 years and left 5 years ago. I spent a lot of time with a few dozen people and wonder what’s happened to some of them. I rarely see them any more. Some people are better at maintaining those relationships. Me, not so much.

I’m happy for the people who continue to show up here and would enjoy reading from a few that have been quiet. The last I remember reading about @Dave26 was that he was in job transition. That process can stir up a lot of turmoil. I hope he has landed on his feet.

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I miss @Flipper and Zoe. Now you mention him I miss Dave.


@Zoe is still here and has popped back when I tag her…


acidrock, if you see anyone even vaguely resembling Pancake/Bacon Dave, tell him to come back to TuD or I will personally kidnap the pig population of the entire world and hold it for ransom. Back to TuD or no piggy bacon for him EVER (or for ANY of you piggy eaters for that matter…) So I suggest you all gets to lookin’! Or else: :no_entry_sign::pig2::pig2::pig2:!


feel, free to kidnap the pig population, had to cut there food, out of my diet, i can help,.

I’m not a Facebook person but I’m interested in what “sparkle” means? Can you do it on this site? When and how? :wink:

Hi everyone!

Even though I hate the designation “@Zoe” I do like that when someone uses it, it tags me and I get an e-mail. Kind of like the old ear itching telling you someone was talking about you. So thanks, AR, for pulling me back to say hi. Yes, people do seem to become regulars for a while and then move on. For me, I really found it impossible to get into the new format, but I do think my time was about due anyway to move on. But I do think of everyone now and then and still tend to say “we” and “some of us” when talking about D experiences. That “we” will always be a part of this Type 1 diabetic!

I’m doing well up here in the Northern California woods/mountains. I teach just two days a week which gives me time to move at the slower pace that suits me and my D. For those who don’t know me I periodically say how grateful I am that I wasn’t diagnosed till age 58 one month before retirement because Type 1 is such a 24/7 thing. I always express my awe at those who were diagnosed in childhood or adolescence and deal with D during the demographically dense life period of young adulthood along with school, career building, relationship and family life, etc, etc. I don’t know if I EVER had that much energy.

Over Christmas break I went on an amazing journey to Southeast Asia. I’ve had a connection to Asia all my life as my undergraduate and graduate studies involved Eastern philosophy and I now have half Asian great nieces. I’ve always talked about wanting to travel to Asia and last year decided that if I every was going to go I should do it before I got any older! I visited Thailand (Bangkok), Cambodia and Vietnam and there were so many incredible experiences. I loved the people, the Vietnamese people were especially warm and welcoming and since the Vietnam War was so much a part of the lives of my generation that it felt good to be welcomed there and to see how well the country is doing forty years later. I did ok with my BG management - my added activity (mostly walking all over!) balanced out my added food intake and man the food was GOOD! I did have one hideous low where I was either asleep or unconscious for a while and then began doing totally irrational things and felt like I was in a dream state. My friend I was sharing a room with woke up because I was repeatedly turning lights off and on as I pursued some intensive mission to find or do…who knows what. She finally got through to me by saying loudly, “Zoe take glucose tablets now!” after several more subtle suggestions failed to make it through the brain fog. I’m very grateful to her for that. And so it goes.

I hope everyone is enjoying their winters and I wish you all a well, happy and full 2016. Anyone who would like to communicate, I will certainly respond to e-mails at zoelula2 at gmail.


hi, if you don’t like the cold weather i can send you the southern hemisphere weather from melbourne . try keeping ur insulin working in 30-40 deg C heat, i will swap you any time, you can also have this daylight savings 2-3 hours sleep per night doesn’t work 4 me (sleep after 4-5am after blood test 3-4 real time)and wake at 7am (6am rt) for breakfast, who dat saing Sleep?, wat dat. have fun if they will let u, but don’t get caught!!