Where is the cheapest place to get a Libre?

Question for everyone!

I want to try a Freestyle Libre on my dog. I will have a prescription from my vet as she’s eager to try it too. When I was getting them for myself it was still the 10 day sensor and they weren’t covered by insurance, Walgreens was one of the cheapest places to get it.

There can be quite a price difference so for the old 10 day ones, Walgreens was $25, Walmart was $35 and CVS was even more. But I am completely out of the loop for the 14 day ones. I know when I first moved here everywhere here was more expensive and I did mail order from Walgreens.

So if anyone knows what prices are out there for the sensors and the best places to get them? I would love any suggestions or help!

Goodsense rx card you can get three sensors from Kroger for 93 dollars. That is for the 14 day sensor. Obviously those that are not on insurance or self pay this makes a real difference. Most people on a dex have a organized insurance plan because it is a lot of money.

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That you @Michael2 !

Can we get a picture of your diabetic dog, @Marie20? We need a mascot. Everyone likes dog pics!


@mohe0001. Of Course! Who doesn’t love sharing pictures of their dogs!

My beloved Kai! She’s a Blue Doberman and about 6 years old now. We got her from a doberman rescue.


@Michael2 I called Kroger which I believe is the Goodsense Rx Card and they don’t ship and unfortunately for me there are no stores or affiliated stores here,

So I just wanted to double check if the Goodsense Rx Card you are talking about is Kroger?

And anyone one else have any other suggestions>?

I think the cheapest here without being able to mail order looks like it is $59 per Libre sensor at Costco. I’m not sure whether she will actually stay on them or if we will do a test of one or two. If it’s one or two it’s no big deal, if she stays on it, it will add up!

Kroger is just one participating vendor for the goodrx card. I think there are others like singlerx you can try.

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What a good lookin’ baby. Maybe she can be my dogs girlfriend. No one seems to like my dog. I don’t understand it. He’s so good looking and so friendly. A giant poodle chased us the other day. I think he was gonna bite us, but we got away. It was close.

What a sweat heart! Exciting new diabetic mascot dog. If you get her hooked up to a sensor, you gotta post pics of that.

Thanks @mohe0001 I pick it up for her tomorrow, but I probably won’t put it on her until next week.

An update.

Libre still has a coupon on their site for a free reader for new users. I used one they had sent me over a year ago when I was on their 10 day sensor and they were trying to switch people to the 14 day one.

So my reader was free.

I know Michael2 nicely supplied a place for the sensors, but goodsense rx is Krogers and they wouldn’t ship and goodrx has no affiliates here so it wasn’t going to work for me. But at 3 for $93 it would seem it would be the best bet!

But I decided to get them through Costco, for me this might have been a one time event anyway or maybe off and on, Costco was quoting $59 dollars. As is their way when I actually went to buy one and they scanned my membership card the 14 day sensor was only $35! Which seems like it is probably one of the better prices out there.

My dog has her Libre on!!! You can see it just above the shirt, which is supposed to help protect it, but I’m going have to do some sewing for a smaller neck! I’m excited, no more lip sticking the dog for at least two weeks!




@Marie20 Long ago one of our cats had diabetes and we had to give him injections - but we were told we were not able to test his blood sugar. I so hated not knowing what his blood sugar was before I fed him or gave him insulin. I’m so very glad there is an alternative like this for our pets today! Congrats on getting one for him!

ps - our vet never told us about inner lip testing, just that we couldn’t do it, they had to do it.


There are meters for cats and dogs now - on Amazon and Ebay - the blood chemistry is different and different strips are required - but most claim a human meter is close enough.


@Tapestry @Tony24 The blood chemistry is different but I think most people use people meters on their pets. I have an animal one, but it can really fluctuate, so in some respects it might be better but also not? We get a consistent percentage of false lows and know to retest.

An inner lip works really good on my dog. They teach you the ears, but on a dog it’s really hard, cats are supposed to be easier on the ears because they have more veins closer to the surface in the ears? But I’ve never had a cat to know if it’s any easier. Just seems like a cat might be harder in the first place. They are putting sensors on cats too!


This is just awesome! Our pets … dogs, cats, bunnies, … can all benefit from today’s technology!

Thanks for sharing @Marie20

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We tested our cat Bits on the ears with one of my meters. She has passed away now from cancer but we managed her very well that way for many years!

For sugar cat owners, there is a vein that runs along the outside edge of the ear that is easy to see if you shine a flashlight or other light behind it.

What I wouldn’t have given for a Libre for her, though. This is awesome!