Where next?

Hi, I am feeling really low and frustrated at present at my crazy unexplained sugar levels. I am having levels between 1.4mmol (UK measure) and risng to 24mmol) with increasingly not feeling hypo symptoms and despite carb counting and regular monitoring feels like am losing the battle. The last few weeks have been incredibly tough. My doctor says there is little he can do other than try pump which have been trialing but decided against it as informed wouldnt make big diff. I am on Lantus and Humulog. Type 1 diabetic 27yrs. Have also suffered from Chronic fatigue many yrs with associated food and digested probs meaning already restricted quality of life. I have lots of things in my life to live for but feeling lately someone up there is maybe trying to tell me something.

Hi Chris,
I want you to know that I really understand where you are right now. And I also want you to know that in this family there is no giving up. If you do, you have to take 4000 people with you because we are all in this together. I understand feeling really low and frustrated and I understand being scared too. But I am equally sure that with this post you have started you will quickly find out how many people are ready and willing to give you all the loving support you will need. I just went through some really bad stuff, but all the family was with me and I wasn’t scared anymore. Together we can all get through anything. Give us a chance to help. There are so many possibilities. I am sure someone has the answer to help with your lows. I am sending you a big loving hug right now.
Blessings be with you.

Chris, my heart goes out to you. Big swings in BG can really make you feel terrible. I know I am exhausted when I go through that. Have you tried a really low carb diet so you can cut back on the insulin? Have you read Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution? His basic message is eat smaller amounts of carbs and use smaller amounts of insulin to avoid the big swings.

Chris, you have all my sympathy and empathy. I’m sure you feel all alone, but you’re not.

When this starts happening to me, I literally take a step back and take a day off. I go to the ‘law of small numbers’ that Libby mentioned. I make my next meal small, preferably no carbs. I take a correction bolus and then I wait. Check again in 2 hours, don’t eat in the meantime. Take a correction IF NEEDED. Don’t eat. Check again in 2 hours. Once I get a ‘normal’ bg twice in a row - I consider myself ‘rebooted’ and start over again. If this takes more than two or three BG checks I snack on something low or no carb in the meantime. If it has carbs I bolus for it.

While this is going on I examine what’s going on in my life that may contribute to the fluctuations - stress? snacking? change in diet? new foods? illness? lack of exercise? I may not do anything about it because it may not be possible, but I try to identify it.

Once rebooted, I eat a normal meal and take my normal doses. If something goes wacky, I know my carb ratios or basal insulin is wrong. Time for an adjustment.

There’s NO WAY to make an informed adjustment without data. It’s essential during this ‘reboot’ phase and whenever things are out of whack to record EVERYTHING - BG levels, food intake with carb counts or estimates, activities, special circumstance. EVERY item of food needs to be accounted for and, of course, the time of day for each thing is essential.

Finally, if pumping is not a solution, talk to your doctor about CGM (continuous glucose monitoring). Somehow, just having one on and constantly checking seems to magically help me get my BG under control. I know it’s NOT magic, but everything seems to get in line when I use one.

Best of luck,


Saundra, Your words really moved me so thank you. Im usually a glass half full person so am surprised myself how low i am feeling. I have a beautiful daughter and a successful career so externally the mask people see is someone doing fine. The reality is i think often of getting into my car and not coming back. Your comments though shook me up last night and brought me back to thinking of hope. I apologise for the deep & dark feelings as am aware its unfair to pass on my despair in this way to people i havent met.


Chris,have you been tested for celiac & thyroid function lately?

Hi Chris,
Debb is right. That is what we are here for. Don’t be thinking it isn’t fair to dump something on us. That is what good friiends and family does. We take what scares us or hurts us and we share that and before long that big hard thing isn’t so big or hard anymore. Feelings of despair or loneliness or frustration are just common things that come up for all of us. But when you pass it around and let each of us look at it, we can each take a litle piece of it and before long it is gone. Chris, you are loved man, You are a part of us. You belong. Together we can all get through just fine. I am picking up a litle piece of your pain now and Debb did too just a few minutes ago and so did Libby and so did Terry and before long you are going to feel better. From the bottom of my heart I send you my love, and my support and another big hug. We are all with you. We are all together. It won’t be long. You will be feeling better. Watch for the signs from God today. They will be little things, but He is smiling on you too.
blessings be to you.