Where to buy sensor supplies?

BCBS in LA denied me first off, saying that they require a pump therapy in order to receive a CGM. Pumpsit then put in for an Omnipod and the Dex, and within a weak of the original denial, I was approved 100%. I am with OGB, so I guess I am lucky. I never thought about how important it is to have a job with OGB and good insurance until I was diagnosed. I am a teacher/hopefully college football coach. Whatever happens I have to stay on a group plan, so I can’t get hit with the pre-existing condition.

Pumpsit for me, did a fantastic job. No hassle for me, they took care of everything. I will make a few phone calls every 3 months to place an order after I saw how hard they worked to get me what I needed.

This is interesting because I have insurance through BC/BS of Louisiana and am required to go through PumpsIt for my sensors. Originally I got my Dex and start up kit with sensors directly from Dexcom but then our insurance plan year changed and BC/BS began requiring us to go through PumpsIt for the Dexcom and Diabetes Management Supply for the OmniPod. I think it makes no sense for me to have to use 2 different 3rd party suppliers but I do it because I have no out of pocket cost so I'm not complaining.

When I get my Dexcom sensors from PumpsIt, I get 3 months supply. With my shipment comes an invoice/statement showing a zero balance owed. They also send a sheet for me to fax back to them that gives you the option of having the same order automatically shipped to you the next time with the caveat that you should call if there are any changes to your order. The whole process is effortless for me.