Where to download xdrip for ios

Where can I download this?

I joined the group at Facebook and the first question I was asked to join is to agree not ask where to download the app, lol. you’re not allowed to ask how to download the app?

Hmmm. I can’t find it there, and a link someone provided to a page that was posted here as well I believe has nowhere to actually download it- why are you so cryptic- do you want people to use this or not?

Lest I be frowned upon by the fb group and summarily dumped I am afraid to even ask there :joy_cat:

I mean who starts a Facebook group and then stipulates you’re not allowed to ask the most important question of how to download their app and their app is nowhere in sight on their page??? Hmm very weird for sure.

Ok so after reading a bit more and having to search the group for posts. I found that there were some instructions which said you either have to develop this into your phone yourself by paying $100 per year to have a developer Apple account or you can try using Shuggah, or get an invitation through tesflight.

I Downloaded TestFlight but it just says there is nothing there and then after reading more I realized that you have to have an invitation from someone who developed this in their phone and invites you to test it.

Has anyone actually done this and can you give me some advice about this? Much appreciated if so.

Does anybody use Shuggah? I download Shuggah onto my phone and it’s working- see photo, I can’t get it working on my iPad. And I committed the cardinal sin of asking for an invitation for test flight at the Facebook group so let’s see if they delete me now or if someone will actually help me if they have an invitation to get this set up for TestFlight, so I don’t have to try and figure out how to do this myself. Having no knowledge of how to do that sort of thing.

So strange… At one point my Dexcom app and sugar had totally different readings, shuggah said blood sugar was 82 which is closer to where my fingerstick was much at 105, but it had a line through it. Dexcom said 43.

Another thing is that I don’t think there are any alarms from my phone on the Shuggah ap that I have heard. I selected the sound etc., it just dropped to 60 now and there was no sound for the alarm. I don’t know if that’s because I’ve turned some thing on my phone off for the Dexcom alarms now maybe. Although the dexcom alarms are still sounding and so is my watch.

I am wondering how on earth Dexcom could say my blood sugar is 43 and sugar says it is 82? Shuggah was definitely the accurate one. The sensor has been restarted and it’s been really wacky even for the first 10 days. It has stopped and had so many off readings I thought it was going to fail and I would just call for another one. In fact I think I just had one fail and I forgot to call about it.


Woah, just heard my first shuggah alarm which is a cuckoo clock, lol… so maybe I missed the other ones I don’t know but at least I know it worked this time. Reading was 73. But my fingerstick was 115. Dexcom receiver is now working and has the same as does the phone app. The cuckoo clock is a lot less jarring than the other low alarms for sure but it still gets your attention.

I am not sure why there was a line through the 82 however I have noticed that on some other readings and I think it means it’s not connected totally - the transmitter to the app and it’s just showing you the last reading maybe?