Whew..I need a break!

Dang! These past three weeks have been crazy! I wake up at 5 every morning and it’s then nursing school, Highschool, work till 6, higher ed (college basics) classes til 8:30 then homework. Expect on Friday nights cause its football cheer, then Saturday mornings cheer practice 8-11 and work til 2! When does a busy 16 year old have time to manag her diabetes? Hmmm… Life without would be less worries. Ready for my head to hit the pillow.

Yes, you do need a break. Even with all your activity, you sound like one happy 16 year old! Good for you.

I remember the fun of nursing school like it was yesterday. It is definately a rough and hectic schedule. You really do have your plate full. That is a lot for ANY 16 year old to be tackeling not to mention throwing D in on top of it.