Which AAA batteries are best?

Which batteries will last the longest in the PDM? Long battery life is sweet, and I was considering some of those MP3 player / digital camera Energizer batteries to see what would happen. All comments appreciated!

I actually use generic ones because they seem to last almost as long as Duracell or Energizer and cost about half as much. The ones I have now are Walgreens brand that were on sale buy-one-get-one-free. I get between 3 and 4 weeks per set.
I’ve tried rechargeables and they work OK but didn’t seem to last quite as long. Also, the battery meter in the PDM (that tells you how much battery is remaining) isn’t as accurate with rechargables. The new so-called “pre-charged” rechargable batteries would probably do better, since they hold their charge longer and discharge more like traditional batteries do.

I always carry an extra set with me whenever the meter shows the batteries are low. That way, running out is no big deal because I can just change them immediately.

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I use the energizer lithium ones for electronic devices, and I love them. Yes, they are more expensive, but last longer…if you use cheap ones but burn through more of them, I don’t know which one is actually more cost effective…
I like not worrying about how much battery life I have left and about changing them less often. My 2 cents…

Thanks for the tip! I just went to Energizer’s website and found a $5 rebate for a 4-pack of ultimate lithium AAAs purchased by the end of August. I’m definitely going to give them a shot.

CCS Medical sends me batteries along with my other pump supplies (pods, Skin prep, lancets, test strips). They always send me normal Energizer batteries that seem to last between 3 and 5 weeks depending on how much I use the PDM (number of tests, number of boluses, amount of time looking at records, etc.). Just thought I’d let you know what the supply company is sending out.

I was told re-chargables loose power each time recharged. I was advised not to use that type. I have replaced the batteries after 3 weeks…When the meter got VERY low, I changed them…I too, carry 2 batteries with me. I’ll try the generics now that I read they last as long…

I’ve been using Rayovac. There was a ridiculous amount of them in a package that I picked up from Menard’s months ago. They were really cheap–perhaps a special sale. I’m just running out so, I’m going back for my next purchase. They last around 4 wks.

That sounds like something is wrong, either the batteries or the PDM battery meter. I just changed mine last week, and it had been on “one bar” (kind of like your cell phone signal meter) for at least a week before the PDM finally warned me that I needed to change.
Can you try some different batteries and see if that makes any difference for you?

We have enough people here on TuDiabetes. As incredibly geeky as this sounds, why don’t we run some tests with the various brands of batteries we use, and develop a few hard data points on which brand/model of batteries lasts the longest? I’m game if y’all are.

Just got back from Menard’s…16 Rayovac AAAs for $7.48 such a deal!!!

I use rechargeable batteries. I just change them every week to be sure they will last. I haven’t had any problems so far.

The power meter always reads half full with them so you can’t rely on it.

I was told to get the Energizer Industry batteries but I have not been able to find them anywhere other than Amazon.com. I’ve bought the generic AAA and they have been working for just as long ~3 weeks.

I did a Google search for Energizer Industrial and the site I found said they were identical Energizer batteries rebranded for Businesses.

Here’s a picture (albeit somewhat blurry) of my battery indicator, still going strong on the Energizer Lithiums…
I put them in on June 29th, so the end of this week will be 7 weeks. The battery light is still ‘full’…I use the pump for testing frequently, and I bolus or adjust basals 3-6 times a day with it.

Sweet. I’m definitely going to reload with the Energizer Lithiums next time. Thanks for the photo, Bradford.

Here’s another image (clearer this time) of the battery life, with the same set of batteries mentioned in the last photo, except from today…energizer lithiums rock.

That’s 10 weeks! Awesome!

I thought I would update this in case anyone was interested. I went with Bradford’s suggestion of the Energizer Ultimate Lithiums, and I got an amazing 10.5 weeks out of them (Sept. 12 - November 25).

Thanks for the tip, Bradford, and I’m sticking with the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. They were well worth it – it will be nice to change the PDM batteries only 5 times per year

I started using the Enegizer Ultimate Lithium batteries after reading Bradford’s post. I put mine in on September 24 and had not noticed the indicator going down until I just checked today. So after 12 weeks I am now only down to 1/2 power. It looks like I will get 3 months use out of them. Thanks for the tip, Bradford!


That is amazing! I only get 3-4 weeks out of my batteries…but, have not really committed to one type of battery. I use the MM Paradigm w/ CGMS…different system, but your posts were very helpful:) Was never told I needed to use one type of battery and I have been on a pump for 15+ years! Sometimes I think they assume you know everything…and forget that industry and technology changes!! i notice w/ the CGMS/MM paradigm…life of batteries went down at least 1 week. I am going to try these and see what happens w/ my system…maybe it is MM;)