Which is best? Verio "onetouch" or AccuChek "aviva"

I've been using the Aviva meter and like it just fine. But, the new Tandem pumps ships with a Verio meter thrown in for free. Neither one communicates with the pump. I must decide which one to get test strips for when I place an order next week. No plans to use both meters since data in different places is a poor plan. So it's either stay with what I have been doing or switch over. Looking for a good reason either way. Opinions?

Why don't you just get one or two boxes of the Verio before making the switch. I also use the Aviva and made the mistake in the past of getting my whole supply a new meter and was sorry I made that choice. My last order, I got half Aviva and half the AccuChek Nano and the Nano is really inconsistent so I am sorry I did half & half. If you try a box or two and like it, you can change your whole order the next time.

Thanks Aeon, but if I had been thinking clearly, I wouldn't have made half of my order with Nano strips!

This recent study of 43 meters found that the Aviva was more accurate than the OneTouch Verio. Another consideration is the insurance coverage. My insurance only this year started covering the Verio as a preferred brand, the Aviva is not a prefered brand. For me, this is the difference between $40 and $400 for a 90 day supply.

My personal feeling is that as long as they are comparable costs (which they are not for me), accuracy trumps every other feature.

I haven't seen this new study. Thanks for the link! Too bad they didn't include the Bayer Contour Next series of meters -- they're supposed to be more accurate.

Hi, Gerry. You can try this site: http://www.skup.nu

SKUP is a Scandinavian co-operation for evaluation of near patient laboratory equipment. Just click the british flag, and you will get all the results for meters we have tested in Scandinavia in english, including Bayer Contour Next. This is the results the officials in Scandinavia consider when they make their approvals of meters.

The meter you are looking for is the Contour XT (same as Next)

Thanks, Siri!

I would go with the meter that your insurance covers the strips. I personally did not care for the Verio because I kept bending the bottom of the strips when I put them in the meter so I ended up wasting strips. I have not used an Accucheck meter in years because I preferred the One Touch and Bayer reports. If your insurance company will pay for the strips for the Bayer Contour USB I like that meter the best. One issue I have One Touch is that it only keeps the information for the last 90 days unless that has changed recently. I also like the fact that I do not have to find a cord with my Contour.

I like Accu Check Aviva, used to have the One Touch, I still compare them and they read much lower than the Aviva.