Bayer Contour USB v. OneTouch VerioIQ

My insurance company apparently cancelled its agreement with Bayer and no longer covers the Contour strips as formulary. To keep the lowest co-pay, I had to change to OneTouch. I opted for a VerioIQ. In the six days I've been using it, I have seen much higher numbers compared to my Contour USB and other meters I have as backups. For example, this morning, the Verio said 124, the Contour said 88 and my True2Go said 99. This has been going on for days! For example, on Saturday an hour post-meal, the Verio said 224 and the Contour said 170. Has anyone else with a VerioIQ noticed that it seems to test high? I think I'm coming to the realization that, as I suspected, the Contour skews very low. I think the Verio might be skewing high, which leaves me wondering what to trust. I thought I was going low in the middle of the night because the Contour kept testing me in the 60's when I'd check at around 3:00 a.m. The Verio showed 88 two nights ago and 124 last night. I keep saying I'm just going to trust the Verio and stop wondering if it's accurate, but I'm finding it hard to make that leap.

Oh my goodness! I am in the same boat you are. My insurance will not cover anything but one touch meters too, and I was force to switch from my accu check, which in the past year has rarely been off from the lab meter. When it did, it was only off by one point! What is the most ironic part of this is that the Verio strips are $20 more per 100. This morning the Verio read 164, and my trusted accu check read 121...that is a big difference to me, and the way I would correct or not correct!

I remember when I was researching meters, I have seen that the Verio IQ reads really far apart from other meters. Like I know it may be accurate but the fact that it tends to be drastically off compared to other meters made me wary of it. I'm happy with my Onetouch Ultra 2.. I feel like it reads really accurately and I feel the low when it says low numbers and I feel the high when it says high numbers.

I use both the One Touch Ultra 2 and the VerioIQ. I just tested using both meters
from the same drop of blood within seconds of each other, for your discussion. The Ultra 2 reads 5.1(approx. 91) and the VerioIQ reads 5.7(approx. 103). I haven't found the wide range of results that you have with your meters. Perhaps try another vial of strips or exchange the VerioIQ for a newer lot of VerioIQs? Complain to your Insurance company otherwise. That is unfortunate that you are unable to choose the meter that you want to use.

There was a recall on the first VerioIQ's but that was after a Person's blood glucose went over a very high number which mine never reaches, so I didn't exchange for a newer meter. Good Luck!

Ive Never used the one touch Verio IQ. But I've only used one touch products since I was diagnosed with type one in 2005. I think they are the best and cant imagine using something else. I used the one touch ultra link for the last 4 years and love it. I switched to the one touch 2 a week ago and like that two. My insurance will also cover accu check meters but I like one touch products.

30%? Geez, most meters are 15-20% and we complain about that percentage of accuracy. I didn't think that percentage of accuracy would be passed by the FDA. I just emailed One Touch asking for their rate of accuracy on the VerioIQ.
If it's within 30% instead of 15-20%, then I may reconsider using it even though I've been getting close results with my meters. Perhaps I misunderstood what you said.

That exactly why I don’t like one touch. For me it read much higher, and much less consistent than other options. Unfortunately I’m now in the same position as you where it is the preferred option with my insurance. It seems to me like their entire business model is to create an inferior product and force people to buy it against their will. I am not a fan… :frowning:

interesting. i have the one touch ultra link and also the contour next link to talk to my medtronic pump (if I use it). i've found my one touch meter to always be about 20 - 30 points LOWER then my contour meter. thus, i use my contour next link because it always matches to my lab results and my CGM.