One Touch Verio IQ meter

What the heck is this?

Not real sure but I know One Touch has new meter technologies waiting for approval at the FDA. My understanding is they have a new strip and are more accurate. Maybe this is one in that line of new meters?

More accurate sounds great! Wonder if they'll come out with an Animas Ping with the new tech?

It looks awesome, except they won't give me the meter for free and my insurance won't cover the strips...but yet Bayer USB meter is advertised everywhere, free meter and covered strips. Good job onetouch! #Idiots

Looks cool! I'd give it a whirl, but it doesn't seem to be available here. Haven't even seen the strips on the shelves for purchase either...

When the Bayer USB meter was new, they didn't give that away free either.

I saw the meter on display at the Canadian Diabetes Association Professional Conference and NAGM/Toronto end October .For those using insulin ...looks really neat . It searches for high and low bloodglucose patterns and provides on-screen notifications ..., backround light !!
My Brother's Diabetes Team , from Ontario said last week to him , that meter is not available yet .
I was told, there is a cost .Diabetes Express shows a cost of close to CAN # 50,00

The Contour USB wasn't free when it first came out. It wasn't until it was out for over a year that it was free. I paid $100 to get it, and for me it was worth it (high-contrast screen), but lots of other people waited until Bayer lowered the price to free.

I have been waiting in anticipation for onetouch to revamp their meter lines. Some of you certainly noticed the move to "uncoded" blue strips. What that means is that onetouch strips have increased accuracy enough that they no longer require coding to correct for variations (batch to batch). And this new meter version (Verio) claims a +/- 15% meter accuracy as opposed to the industry standard of 20%. While this falls far short of our needs, it is an improvement. But this meter system has to go through all the hoops. And it looks like attempts to get the Verio approved by the FDA as "just like the old one" did not win the day. So it is rolling out in the UK, Holland and Canada before the US.

And I am not sure a meter that is "smart" is all that big a win. After all, to identify low patterns you must also enter your meals, exercise and dosing patterns. Only a very small percentage of patients bother to do that. I don't need a meter tell me I go low every afternoon because it sees I go low every afternoon. I can see that stuff myself. Heck, I could probably see it even if I was low.

I just wish a small meter would come hard can it be to make a meter the size of an ipod nano? Why do strips always have to come in cylinder containers when they could easily fit in something the size of a pen top. We are just being strung along by these companies because they have the power to do so. The technology is there, they just want to slowly come out with it to make sure we pay for every little difference in a meter.

Kind of like Apple ... LOL.

But I agree, I wish strips would come out in some sort of flat container rather than the cylinders. In most cases it would make the whole kit so much smaller (thinking mostly of the Contour USB ... nice small meter, HUGE test strip container that makes it three times as bulky!).

You made me laugh as I recall , One Touch may not have been around, when one of the first meters cost CAN $ 275 ,00 ?? Could I with my much older fingers handle a strip of which 50 fit in a pen top ?? I don't think so .

LifeScan Rep. Maria in my part of Canada today at Shoppers Drug Mart with the OneTouch VerioIQ . The cost at the Pharmacy is CAN $ 44,00 ...I am posting a photo of Maria ( and CDA's brochures not visible on the left ) on my page . OneTouch Customer Care Line : 1-800-663-5521

Wouldn't it be cool if PEZ designed a strip dispenser?!?

Not only do I have to pay for the meter, my insurance doesn't cover the strips. LOL, the latest and greatest diabetes technology is here, but oh no, you don't have access to it. (Unless you want to forfeit an arm and a leg).

My Ontario Brother told me : very happy and his Team as well with this One Touch results ...the insulin intake is being recorded ...he ended up with a CAN $ 20,00 coupun towards the purchase .

So how do I get my hands on that coupon?? :D

OneTouch ...try 1-800-663-5521 ...I think , this maybe the Burnaby, BC number ?? 9 am -8 pm ET / 6am -5 pm PT
I got this number from their website : as noted above . Hope getting a coupon works for you too !!
PS Is Ontario not providing some financial assistance with strip purchases ??

I tried this meter and find that it has a big variation in one test to the other.I would test and get say 10.4mmol.then test right after and get like 14.0mmol.I like the back light but I find it is a pain in the but to have to recharge it every 3rd day when my current meter battery lasts for three+ months.I also found that you can harm the strip when putting it in if you're not careful.The ends can bend,especially in the night.

I signed up at the OneTouch site for the Verio thinking they would send me one to try. Well, after putting in all the info requested, all I got was a notice to have my dr write a prescription for a Verio plus their new strips. I don't recall now if it would be free with the prescription but I think not because it said something about insurance. I forgot the whole thing after realizing that it required a script. My endo would do it but I did not want the bother.
I don't know if it communicates with the pump and I don't want to give up that feature. Plus, I have quite a few of the 1 touch strips on hand (!).