Which is for me?

hi my name is ruth, and ive been a diabetic for 1 year and 5 months now and its really getting me down. so far ive only wanted the omnipod but ive read other peoples summarys of them and now im not too sure if i want it or not.i am a very busy person and i have a very busy lifestyle and i think that the tubes would get in my way,so the omnipod sounded great but unfortunetly because i live in ireland the omnipod isnt here yet and i was told i will be at least six months on a waiting list but the normal waiting time is usually a year or more and to be honest i dont tink i can keep going on shots 4 dat long.my last A1C was 10.6 which is really bad before dat 9.6 nd before dat 8.5 i just dont no how to get it down and im not aloud to get the pump untill it goes down to the proper range. but i thought the whole point of a pump was 4 people who had really hi AIC’s and cud’nt get them down.if any1 has any advice on how i can control my bloods it wud be greatly appreciated and if you have tryed the omnipod or any other pumps tell me how you got on with them.and how long were u on a waiting list 4 in your country. tanx ruth x x