One Touch Verio meters

My doctor gave me a couple of Verio Flex meters, saying it was (is) more accurate than the previous One Touch mini I was using. Just found out that there are three Verio meters. I am looking for opinions on these pumps. Also would like to know the dimensions of these meters, not including cases.


what is a “verio flex pump”?

I think you mean meters, not pump.

You can go to onetouch website and see more details for each one. The key difference to older one touch ultra is that less blood is required for Verio.

I use Verio IQ, and find it is not always accurate, but at least it takes less blood.
I use dexcom, so when meter reading is way off, I retest again on Verio IQ, and if still off, check with my contour next, that insurance does not cover.

I meant Verio meter. I have been so preoccupied with pump stuff since Animas folded, just mixed up pump and meter,

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I have been on their website. What Is driving me nuts is that nowhere do they give info about size of meter. Amazon give info that they are up to 2" wide, I don’t believe that. For me, accuracy is very important but size also matters as I carry a lot of stuff around in my bra (which is why I don’t like the latest Dexcom G5, it has a larger touchscreen).

I have verio IQ which has USB charging.
Meter Dimensions are 3 1/2 in X 1 7/8 in X 1/2 in.
That may be similar in size to the flex, but flex has features that I don’t care about, but you may.

I also have Verio IQ with Battery, that is larger and heavier.

Sometimes Amazon shows shipping dimensions, or is confusing as to what dimension is being given.

The OneTouch Verio IQ meter would appear to me to be the smallest of the following three meters which all use the OneTouch Verio Test Strips. Although not by much - they all appear to be in the same ballpark.

OneTouch Verio Test Strips

OneTouch Verio Flex meter
Size = 2.05 (W) x 3.38 (L) x 0.63 (T) inches
Weight = 1.76 ounces
Battery = one CR2032 lithium coin cell battery

OneTouch Verio meter
Size = 2.04 x 3.15 x 0.99 inches
Weight = 3 ounces
Battery = two AAA alkaline batteries

OneTouch Verio IQ meter
Size = 1.85 x 3.46 x 0.47 inches
Weight = 1.66 ounces
Battery = Internal rechargeable battery via mini-USB port. Non-replaceable.


Thank you for the measurements. I really did try to find them. So the the middle, is actually 1", that seems thick. I think I wlll see if somehow I can get the Verio IQ, without paying, I already have three Verio Flex.

You mention that you have the verio IQ which has USB Charging. You also mention having a Verio IQ with Battery “that is larger and heavier”. Are there two models of the Verio IQ, or are they ‘one and the same’?

I don’t like that meter. The strips are so thin they are nearly impossible to pick up. The rechargeable battery doesn’t last long and when it is depleted, there is little warning. One of my least favorite meters over the last couple of decades.


My mistake, the one I have with Battery does not have IQ in name, and corresponds to Tim’s 2nd picture.

I will second that. We’ve tried all three and the Verio Flex is our preferred meter. I disliked the one that needs recharging - it would be just our luck to have one dead when we needed it.

So that is why it is so thick, .99".

The verio iq is the rechargable one. The thickest one is the black one -the one touch verio.

Yes, that is why I don’t want the Verio. The Verio IQ, will need to be charged but a interested in the additional info that it gives. I already have to keep charging Dexcom, Iphone, so one more should not be a problem. If charging is a problem, I will use the Verio IQ at home and keep the Flex in my purse.

I have the plain One Touch and the One Touch flex. The Plain One Touch is the one I like the best. It is thicker, but it lights up, easy to read, but what I like the most is it gives you trending info sometimes, like if you have been in range 5 days in a row in the afternoon, or it will tell you you have been out of range the last 3 readings.

The light up feature would be great if it lite up the area where you have to apply blood into the strip. Then you could use it at night and not have to turn on the lights!!!

We recently switched to the Contour Next One.

It does have a night light to shine on your finger. But realistically it is just not enough for me. Maybe when my eyes were 20 years younger it would have worked.
ha ha ha
So, I use a flashlight.

I have a couple of those meters. The light doesn’t shine on the strip & fingertip to illuminate where to place the blood. Rather, It changes color to indicate approximate bg levels, following the bg reading. Pretty hokey, if you ask me, but I like the Contour Next meter line, of which I have 3 models.

If you turn the light on, it does shine on the fingertip which is what I was saying. Sorry if I was unclear.

Simply not bright enough for me.

I have a verio IQ that came with my insulin pump, and absolutely hate it. If you look at the specs compared to other meters, they’re just not that good.

Mine actually required a LOT of blood, way more than any of my other meters (except the old school ones, of course). And it doesn’t let you add more blood if it’s dissatisfied, you just waste one of the expensive strips. Bad design on those strips, too. It’s impassible to tell which way is up in dim lighting

Speaking of expensive strips, my local pharmacy won’t supply them because they cost about three times what insurance will reimburse. I have to drive to the nearest Walmart, 80 miles away, to fill that script.

It’s also really stupidly designed. They give you A MASSIVE hard case for it. Which looks much higher end, but turns out to be bulky and an impractical waste of space. It only has a loose mesh pouch, nothing zippered, so every time you unzip the case all the accoutreme that comes with being a diabetic falls out… Hopefully on the table, but most often I had to crawl on the floor to regather lancets and the like. Thankfully, the meter sits in a unattached plastic cradle I wound up just keeping this cradle in a zippered pouch and tossing the annoying case They put the charging port in an inaccessible place, when they could have easily rotated it, so it was accessed from the side. They also could have designed that cradle better, if they wanted to put the charging port in that stupid location. Instead, they covered the port with the plastic cradle, so you have to peel the casing off every time you have to charge it. It’s the equivalent of trying to unsheath your cell phone from it’s protective case every time you need to charge. It’s a small inconvenience occasionally, but it’s a massive annoyance when you have to it constantly.

That’s a lot of pain in the a*s for a machine that just isn’t very effective. My first machine 30 years ago was a one touch, it’s a shame they haven’t kept up with technology advances.

Of the four meters I currently have, the freestyle lite gets my vote. I don’t have the cable to connect it to the computer, but I don’t need it as I record bg directly to my pump to calculate boluses Though I did steal the delica lancing device from the verio IQ. I think that’s one thing they got right.

The other verio options may be better, I haven’t tried them… But do NOT waste your breath searching for a verio IQ!